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Enable frictionless app installs from any mobile ad placement in just one tap.
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SingleTap Installs
Better UX. Better Conversions.
Better User Experience
SingleTap is the most focused and intuitive app install experience available. There are no redirects, cluttered app store pages, or competitive app offerings.
Improved Conversions
Reduce friction and improve mobile app conversion rates by up to 200%. SingleTap offers multiple touchpoints after install to ensure users engage with your app.
Customizable Solution
Unlike other ad solutions, SingleTap works on all major browsers including OEM defaults. A customizable module provides flexibility to A/B test copy, creative and user flows.
Easy to Implement
SingleTap plugs natively into any call-to-action with a simple deep link placement. Digital Turbine’s platform is integrated with all major mobile app tracking services. Install attribution is server-to-server.
Less Friction. Better Engagement.

With Digital Turbine’s SingleTap solution, users go directly to your app without going through the standard download process for a better user experience.


To learn more about how easy it is to get started, check out the SingleTap Link Setup Guide.

Case Studies
iFIT Lifts Their Click-to-Install Rate From 20% to 70%
iFIT partnered with Branch and Digital Turbine to launch Branch Journeys combined with the power of Digital Turbine’s SingleTap solution to create a seamless web-to-app install experience.
OTTO increases number of installs by 10X YoY
OTTO partnered with Digital Turbine for their user acquisition activity on Android. As a result, they experienced an increased number of installs while hitting their CPO goals.
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