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Your Complete UA Toolkit
Access Unrivaled Scale on Mobile Devices
Gain access to the entire mobile ecosystem. Reach users from initial device boot-up and continue engagement through daily interactions via targeted in-app ads.
Upgrade to Superior Campaign Performance
Cross-format campaigns, using both on-device and in-app solutions, ensure that ads are presented to high-value users at the optimal time to drive incredible ROAS
Embrace the Evolution of User Acquisition
Coming soon: Advanced machine learning algorithms will effectively optimize campaigns across UA ad formats using a single dashboard to maximize ROAS
On-Device Ad Formats
Acquisition for the entire user journey — from device unboxing to daily activities
Dynamic Installs
Preload your apps for effortless discovery and assured engagement
App Select
Increase discoverability to new Android users during initial device setup with major carriers and manufacturers
Ignite Notifications
Captivate the attention of new users with a mix of reminders and SingleTap™ install opportunities to ensure your app gets noticed
Powered by SingleTap™
Patented SingleTap™ technology creates a seamless user experience, resulting in superior install rates and performance on both on-device and in-app ad formats
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In-App Ad Formats
User Acquisition that drives quality downloads through consumers’ favorite apps
Video and Playable Ads
Reach and engage a wider audience with award-winning creatives for optimal campaign performance
Banner and Display Ads
Enhance your UA strategy by targeting specific segments or scaling to reach larger audiences
Offer Wall
Drive superior post-install engagement and pay only for your desired outcome
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