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Google Bidding Goes to Open Beta with DT FairBid

Last July, DT FairBid was an early partner entering a closed beta with limited access to Google bidding. Publishers already taking part in the closed beta saw great results – and we’re happy to now expand access to all publishers as we enter the open beta with Google. 

The DT FairBid and Google bidding closed beta allowed publishers to enjoy the benefits of quality demand at scale, seeing:

  • Improved performance with more competition for publishers inventory: with Google advertisers now competing in real-time for the same ad impressions, publishers benefitted from high-quality demand and got the price they deserve for their ad inventory – seeing an overall improvement in ARPDAU.  
  • Revenue opportunities from increased exposure to Google demand: with access to Google bidding our publishers see even more revenue opportunities coming from Google demand.
  • Improved fill rates: Google bidding ensures you find the best available ad to fill each of your ad requests.  

While the shift to bidding continues incrementally with publishers using hybrid model mediation, the benefits of real-time bidding are clear. High quality scalable demand via real time bidding, now available with Google bidding, removes the complex waterfall setup – and reduces ad latency.

Welcome, Google! In the next week, all DT FairBid publishers will receive access to Google high quality demand through efficient, revenue driving setup on our mediation platform. 

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