Introducing the New DT for App Developers

Jul 13, 2016
By: Jonathan Harrop

DT Monetization gives mobile publishers flexible and transparent solutions for real-time mediation, award-winning brand and programmatic marketplace demand, and innovative revenue solutions, all with real human account managers.

Our fully-featured monetization suite includes DT Exchange, powered by award-winning creative from our in-house Creative team, and programmatic demand from today’s (and tomorrow’s!) leading DSPs. This includes campaigns from global brand advertisers like Disney, Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola, and more looking to take advantage of our incredible SDK footprint and reach app users worldwide.

Independence is a critically important part of who Digital Turbine is. In an increasingly consolidated world where many service providers across the industry also own competing products with their customers, Digital Turbine does not, meaning we won’t use client data to optimize our app monetization or increase ROAS for our own UA.

For developers, DT can truly accelerate growth and monetization together by offering the best, most flexible, and user-friendly monetization solutions to capture revenue from the incredible UA results we deliver.

DT Monetization

Our fully-featured monetization suite includes DT Exchange, powered by award-winning creative from our in-house Creative team, and programmatic demand from today’s (and tomorrow’s!) leading DSPs. This includes campaigns from global brand advertisers like Disney, Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola, and more looking to take advantage of our incredible SDK footprint and reach app users worldwide.

All of this demand can be mediated with next-generation bidding technology from DT FairBid.

You might notice FairBid’s name from our acquisition of Fyber in 2021, and Fyber’s SDKs form a significant portion of our in-app partners, along with AdColony, also acquired in 2021. Existing partners don’t have to make any changes to take advantage of our monetization offerings. Our engineers are working to make integration even simpler through consolidated SDK offerings with straightforward upgrade paths as easy as integrating the existing SDKs.

Another tool in our monetization suite is DT Offer Wall – a non-intrusive and 100% user-initiated ad format. It allows developers to monetize their entire user base, including non-payers, delivers great ARPDEU and eCPMs (often higher than Rewarded Video!), and completes a well-rounded monetization strategy working in sync with other monetization methods.

DT Growth

Digital Turbine’s user acquisition suite offers the most comprehensive options for app developers and performance marketers to reach their ROAS goals across multiple channels by making it easy for them to engage consumers with the highest impact mobile experiences.
Between our core inventories of In-App Advertising and On-Device, Digital Turbine offers a unique combination of first-day and every day UA opportunities, dynamic installs and app select, to video, display, and playable ads served across today’s hottest apps, our UA team is committed to helping our customers growth their mobile footprint like never before.

We have a short FAQ below. Still have questions? Reach out to your Digital Turbine contact, or click the contact button at the top of this page if you don’t have one.


How did the new brand change your ad monetization products?

Changes to our ad monetization products primarily relate to their names, and the implementation of the new brand in each product’s UI.

Summary of the name changes: 

  • Fyber FairBid → DT FairBid
  • Fyber Marketplace → DT Exchange
  • Offer Wall Edge → DT Offer Wall
  • AdColony → Remains unchanged
    • AdColony’s ad monetization product will continue to operate as a standalone SDK for the time being. We are actively working on integrating its unique assets and capabilities into DT Exchange (See question below for more details)

Product functionality, existing settings, and login credentials are not affected by the new brand, and there is no further action required from publishers.

When will you unify the AdColony and DT Exchange SDKs?

Work has already started on this integration, but for the time being we highly recommend that you continue using both SDKs as they offer an incremental revenue opportunity.

The first stage of this unification is the introducing support for SDK bidding on the DT Exchange, and in parallel we are working on connecting and scaling AdColony’s unique brand demand to the DT Exchange auction.
We have a packed product roadmap for DT exchange with many enhancements expected to launch in the coming months. Our top priority is to ensure that performance only improves and your revenue is not disrupted, which is why this transition will be gradually done over the next several quarters.

We will share progress updates as well as more details about our product roadmap in the coming weeks, and your Digital Turbine POC will proactively reach out to you if any action will be required on your side.

I have both AdColony and Fyber already, do I still need both SDKs in my app to take advantage of the unique benefits of both?


For now (see above), there is some functionality that is exclusive to each separate SDK, and in order to receive unique benefits like award-winning HD brand demand video creative and industry-leading viewability measurement compatibility, DT Exchange’s strong performance across all ad formats, you will still have to integrate and maintain each SDK separately.

The DT Offer Wall SDK is also expected to remain a standalone SDK for the foreseeable future. 

Will I need to immediately upgrade my AdColony or Fyber SDKs in order to monetize?


All SDKs will continue to be updated to take advantage of new features, boost security, and more. Your existing development cycle shouldn’t be impacted, and we will provide plenty of notice, help, and guidance should there be any changes to this. 

For best results, we recommend keeping all of your SDKs as up-to-date as your development cycle allows, not just AdColony and Fyber! 

I am a DT FairBid (FKA Fyber FairBid) client. Do I need to upgrade my DT FairBid SDK or the SDKs of mediated networks?

No. There are no special SDK updates required as a result of the Digital Turbine rebrand. As a best practice, it is always recommended that you update to the latest SDK version for both DT FairBid and mediated networks.

To enable optimal performance, DT FairBid clients are advised to include AdColony in their monetization stack and enable bidding on some of their AdColony zones, to enjoy the full benefits of the diversified brand and performance demand that Digital Turbine offers. Consult with your account manager on the best implementation for your app.

Do I need to update any settings or implementations related to DT FairBid, DT Exchange or AdColony as a result of this change?

No. The new brand does not affect platforms’ functionality, nor does it require changing back-end implementations such as app-ads.txt, seller.json or info.plist.

App-ads.txt and files do not need to be changed. Our products will continue to use to use the same listings under legacy company names (Fyber and AdColony). 

(iOS) Info.plist files do not need to be modified at this time, but we also always recommend that you keep your SKAdnetwork plist files up to date using this handy tool we have built. 

Reporting APIs will remain the same for now (no new endpoints). 

Will Digital Turbine still support mediation through other mediation partners?


One of the central tenets and benefits of Digital Turbine’s position as the leading independent mobile growth platform is our independence. Part of that is continuing to give developers full choice on who they use to mediate their demand to make the best decisions for their business.

When used together, DT’s monetization and medation products allow us to better optimize the demand mix for your app, increasing both results for you, and the relevance of ads for your users.

What happens to my agreements, contracts, revenue-share plans, DPAs, and other official paperwork with AdColony, Appreciate, and Fyber?

Everything in place will remain in place for the time being. Where there is a conflict, your account manager will reach out, but we anticipate this being a rare occurrence and not necessary until we unify our technology.

All agreements and IOs, and respective DPAs, remain effective and are not assigned (transferred from AdColony or Fyber to Digital Turbine). For the time being, no action is needed, though in the future we will need to update our contracts as appropriate to consolidate across the Digital Turbine entities, in which case, our teams will be in touch.

Who will I receive monetization payments from? 

For our monetization partners, payments will continue to be deposited per your current agreements and settings. No action is required on your part. If you have any questions, please reach out to your respective account manager. If you don’t currently have a dedicated account manager, please email [email protected] or [email protected]. These both forward automatically to [email protected] and [email protected]

Who do I make payments to for my advertising campaigns?

Until further notice, continue with your current payment processes for Digital Turbine, AdColony, Fyber, and Appreciate. If you have any questions, please reach out to your respective account manager.

Will Digital Turbine be creating unique fingerprints for devices that do not opt-in to tracking on iOS?


Optimization and efficiency will be done on a privacy-compliant basis.  

What will Digital Turbine change from an integration standpoint?

At launch, apart from changing product names externally and in reporting, we won’t change any integration APIs. Future changes, when they occur, will be communicated beforehand with supporting documentation

By Jonathan Harrop
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