The DT Difference: 10 Ways We Put Telcom First

Jul 18, 2022
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

Digital Turbine might have a brand new look-and-feel, but we still put telecom first. Like we always have and always will. Our new identity comes with new synergies thanks to our acquisitions of AdColony, Fyber, and Appreciate that have strengthened relationships with top advertisers and given us an amazing blend of tech, processes, and people. While this marks an important step in our journey, our goal remains the same – to connect our partners to more customers, in more ways, across more devices. 

We’re hoping for our telco partners to take a new look at who we’ve become. We are looking to break barriers. Through better mobile experiences. Through smarter engagement. Through high-impact revenue opportunities. That’s the value we want to bring and we believe we’re uniquely positioned to bring that to you. 

Here’s 10 DT Differences That Put You First:

The Inside Advantage

  • Unmatched Scale and Results – Our goal of connecting our partners to more customers, in more ways, across more devices is possible through a combined device footprint that’s surpassed only by Google and Facebook. And with our new synergies, we’ve strengthened our relationships with top advertisers. The end result is massive scale backed by proven ad spend. 

Unrivaled Monetization

  • Revenue Optimization – We operate 24/7 to regularly fine-tune yield, fill, and ARPU to deliver the bottom line you expect. Our increasing synergies and strengths in programmatic demand will lead to greater revenues.
  • SingleTap! – Our patented, one-of-a-kind technology not only streamlines the install process for your users, but delivers revenue on installs from any app. This is above and beyond any apps we make or preload. 
  • Independent – Other platforms lower your revenue by promoting their apps over high-paying advertisers. But being independent, our interests are your interests ensuring you are the beneficiaries of our monetization efforts. 

Proven Products

  • Discovery That Delights – We turn your subscribers into fans by providing friendly app and content discovery that puts their passions at their fingertips.
  • Everyday Engagement – For apps, users can get a ready made phone with quality apps or customize it on-demand with a curated selection. For content, they’ll get the media that matters to them through seamless touchpoints and immersive portals 
  • Personalization that’s Private –  Thanks to our On-Device presence we use data signals to create personalized experiences. Unlike other third parties, your subscribers will never have to worry about their data being shared with third parties.

Telco Born and Bred

  • Deep Telecom Experience – As the inventors of On-Device Distribution, we have over a decade of experience working with leading telecoms. Plus, our carrier teams are filled with telco and OEM vets.
  • Built Carrier- Grade – Unlike the competition, we build and test to ALL telco requirements, including security and privacy. We validate that we work with all partners.
  • Dedicated Telecom Environments – We don’t put our partners in shared environments like other platforms. Your live environment will be built specifically for you. 

We’ll provide plenty of revenue, but it’s not just about that. We want to engage subscribers in smart and helpful ways. All this keeps subscribers loyal, but that’s not the only benefit. While subscribers enjoy great discovery experiences, you’ll earn next-level business growth. The end result is solutions that maximize revenue and the user experience. 

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By Ravi Pimplaskar
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