How to Succeed in the Attention Economy

Jun 07, 2022
By: Jonathan Harrop

In a competitive digital advertisement environment where brands and marketers need to know and keep up each day with the highlighted practices for maintaining the audience’s attention, what should be pointed out is advertisements need to include an attractive context. To understand how consumers are engaging with mobile ads with greater ad attention and superior brand recall, Digital Turbine conducted research with GWI in six significant markets within the EMEA region.

Ads delivered on smartphones deliver a closer, personal, powerful, and pervasive message, making it the perfect marketing platform. Brands have the opportunity to leverage this by taking the initiative and adopting proven, peer-driven, and scientific best practices. In a world where people see approximately thousands of ads a day, it’s reasonable why marketers want to know precisely what their campaign is achieving and how viewable it is. The phrase “attention metrics” shows up in industry jargon to try and put a number on how exactly users engage with ads. Are they, or aren’t they paying attention?

The Attention Report tests the hypothesis that advertisers are likely to drive a higher impact via mobile gaming apps and helps understand ad attention drivers, ad feature importance, and how to build the right creative to create authentic and measurable engagement. Read on for highlights, and don’t forget to download the full report and the infographics!

Report Highlights:

Mobile games help advertisers to increase the recall of their apps – The challenge for advertisers is to understand how to engage effectively with their target consumers, as those consumers engage with multiple screens and multiple apps throughout the day. While our research unveils that 70% of users opened game apps on their smartphones in the past three months, 55% of respondents recall the ads they see on their smartphones within gaming apps.

Weekday evenings are the best time of the day to visit apps – With everything that is going on in the world, many people look to relieve their stress by spending time on their favorite apps at the end of a long day at work or school. When it comes to which time of the day users open apps most, data showed that weekday evenings are the most preferred time. 37% of respondents stated that they prefer to visit game apps on weekday evenings. Besides, 30% spend 30 to 60 minutes on game apps.

Users prefer to visit apps while watching television – When a target audience uses multiple screens simultaneously, advertisers have the opportunity to reinforce the messaging from the first screen by serving ads on the second screen or circumventing the total disconnect from the first by reaching consumers on their phones. When we asked what users are doing when using apps, 65% said while watching television, followed by 63% commuting and 54% in bed, before going to sleep.

Video ads are the most attention-grabbing form of advertising – “Quality ad experiences” can mean different things to different people. In some cases, the quality of an ad is diminished to a simple analysis of the creative, but ad quality is much more than that. 38% of the majority said that video ads are the most effective format in terms of engagement. Also, 46% of them think that an online ad should be 10-15 seconds.

Relativity of an ad driver consumers’ attention to the upper level – For consumers, being relatable is an undeniable connection point, while receiving clear information about the product or the service through online ads is also attention-grabbing. 49% of consumers said that if the ad is related to their interests, they give more attention to an ad. Interestingly, 70% of state the content shown at the right time/place is the most important for an ad to be more attractive. 


About the Study

The Attention Survey was developed by Digital Turbine and GWI and distributed online to internet users.  Digital Turbine, together with GWI, conducted research in six significant markets within the EMEA region: The United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Saudi Arabia (KSA). This country mix is an excellent combination of established and growth markets and covers a wide range of demographics and cultures. Respondents’ age was between 16 to 55 and typically ranged from 35 to 44 with 27%, with a close gender split of 53% male and 47% female. The survey garnered a total of 650 respondents in the given regions in Q2, 2022.

About GWI

GWI is a target audience company that provides consumer insight across 47 countries to the world’s leading brands, communication agencies, and media organizations. The company runs a global survey representing more than 2 billion connected consumers, which offers up to over 40,000 data points on the behaviors and perceptions of internet users around the world. Using the subscription-based platform, clients including Twitter, Google, Spotify, WPP, IPG, and Omnicom Group can gather in-depth insights into audience behaviors, attitudes, and interests through a combination of survey data and analytics.

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By Jonathan Harrop
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