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Acquiring Users and Growing Your Business

Competitive analysis engine, AppScotch, says that the average cost to acquire a user is currently $2.91, but that the number varies across categories. Apps in the business category average slightly over one dollar, poker apps average five dollars and strategy games are above four dollars.

Some games, such as MMORPG games, go as high as $12 per user.

Regardless of your app’s category, there are some things you should consider when planning your user acquisition strategy.

Define what growth means to you: Some mobile marketers are focused on user engagement, others are focused on user acquisition. While both are critical to your success and both go hand-in-hand, identify which is most important for you in the short- and long-term.

Climb the rankings: The most straightforward, but not necessarily easiest, way to acquire more users is to climb the rankings in the app stores. Unfortunately, marketers don’t have a ton of control over that. One major factor that plays into positive rankings is engagement and user retention, so keep those users happy and coming back for more! Another important factor is download volume, which is where acquisition comes in.

Get personal: Mobile ads no longer have to be seen as invasive or annoying. Users are notoriously willing to view ads in exchange for free content. In fact, social media sites are making in-line native ads even more widely accepted—especially when they’re highly targeted and seamlessly integrated into their environment. Ads that are personalized and don’t interfere with the user experience, are a great way to attract new users.

We understand that growing your user base is one of your main priorities. Acquiring users can be challenging. By defining your strategy for growth, doing what you can to help boost your app store rankings, and creating engaging & personalized marketing campaigns, you will be on your way to success!

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