Can Ad Blocking Hurt Your Mobile Ad Earnings?

Jun 21, 2016
By: Marissa Camilli

AdBlock alone claims to have 300 million downloads over its relatively short lifetime, and it can block more than ads. With the ability to censor social media buttons and tracking, AdBlock and its cohorts have changed the way that people market online for good, and now that’s transitioning into the mobile arena as well.

AdBlocker Partnerships

AdBlock, the unofficial spokesman for the ad blocking industry, has recently been in talks to ransom the ads of larger companies with the money to pay the bribe. These large companies such as Twitter and Google may see their ads placed on a built in “Acceptable Ads” program that would create an AdBlock whitelist. Basically, companies are paying for AdBlock to not block their ads, which could be construed as something more detrimental.

Understanding Your Loss

You no longer have to guess at the potential loss incurred  from ad blocking programs. If you are a publisher, you can go straight to PageFair and see your numbers in black and white. This particular site allows a publisher to calculate the percentage of revenue lost and the total cost of blocked ads.

The Mobile Specific World

The same fight that you see in the laptop/desktop world is making its way to the mobile world. Eyeo, the company that is behind AdBlock, has a dedicated team of programmers who are itching to perform the same kind of magic they did in the laptop space in the mobile space. If they want to block ads on the mobile environment, those ads will eventually get blocked.

The Future

Ad blocking cannot be worked around through DIY methods. If you are a publisher looking to serve ads and see your investment pay off, you need the help of a legitimate professional team. Here at Digital Turbine, we have the ability to conquer the influx of ad blockers that are quickly making their way into the mobile space.

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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