Digital Turbine Recertified by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)

Mar 07, 2023
By: Irit Schwartz

We are delighted to announce our recertification for brand safety and against fraud by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), a global certification program aimed at promoting transparency and trust in digital advertising. This recertification signifies that Digital Turbine continues to meet TAG’s rigorous standards for advertising transparency, brand safety, and anti-fraud measures.

For brand advertisers, this recertification is critical as it provides assurance that their advertising investments are being protected from fraud and malvertising. By partnering with TAG-certified platforms, brand advertisers can rest assured that their ads are being placed in safe and brand-appropriate environments and that their ad spend is not being wasted on fraudulent impressions or clicks.

In today’s digital landscape, brand safety has become a top concern for advertisers, and rightfully so. With the rise of ad fraud, ad blockers, and other challenges, it’s more important than ever for brands to work with trustworthy partners who prioritize transparency and accountability. TAG’s certification program helps to establish this trust and provides a framework for best practices in digital advertising.

Digital Turbine’s recertification by TAG is a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to providing a safe and reliable platform for brand advertisers.

By Irit Schwartz
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