DT Hub: Go Beyond Connection

Mar 15, 2023
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

Mobile has always been about connections. It started with making calls simple, easy, and universal. But we didn’t stop with phone calls. Our devices now connect us to a whole lot more – information, media, stories, games. The apps and content on our phone are our lifeblood.

But how we connect to our lifeblood has changed. When Apple introduced the App Store it held 500 Apps. Since then, the App and Play Stores have grown from boutique shops to massive warehouses with 2 million apps. It’s a store in name only. People aren’t shopping for apps there. They learn about them elsewhere and use the store to install. 

We’ve also become more judicious about which apps we’re willing to add to overloaded phones. Having access to 2 million apps is great, but there’s only a handful of apps that we REALLY could want at any given moment. 

What we need is an easier way to find the apps we want. Something that can help us sift through everything – not just 2 million apps but all the other mobile distractions – and help make that connection to the things we want simple, easy, and universal. 

Introducing DT Hub

What if right on your phone screen there was a gateway to new apps curated just for you? That’s what DT Hub is for consumers. Every time you pick up your phone you’ll be one tap away from a special selection of premium games and content grouped in a way that makes it easy to find the ones you need or will enjoy. See one you like? Just one tap and you’re ready to dive in safely and securely – no need to even visit the app store. 

It’s supercharged discovery. Or – the next evolution of mobile connection.

The DT Hub Opportunity

DT Hub’s unique user experience also unlocks alternative growth opportunities for mobile carriers and app developers. Mobile carriers that become part of the DT Hub ecosystem will have a heightened engagement with subscribers. While carriers today are removed from the relationship users have with their apps, DT Hub will now allow them to not only create those relationships, but also monetize them. 

Meanwhile, app developers will have a path to incremental distribution on top of their App Store growth – without the cost of having to maintain an additional store presence. Apps featured in DT Hub get an exclusive placement that is much easier to discover since it won’t get lost in the clutter of 2 million other apps. Additionally, developers get the benefit of a virtual wallet that can be leveraged for in-app purchases. The result is higher campaign ROIs and in-app revenue. 

Why It Works

DT Hub is built by combining already proven and successful business areas: our on-device, monetization, and growth solutions. We’ve integrated these with our strategic investment in Aptoide to create this groundbreaking solution. We’re confident in what we’ve spent over a decade building. And we’re pleased to be able to use what we’ve built to create a new ecosystem all mobile players can be part of. 

App Developers and mobile carriers have a mutual goal: to please subscribers. And what pleases subscribers more than being connected to new apps, games, and content to enjoy? DT Hub enables those connections. And adds revenue to everyone’s bottom line along the way. 

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By Ravi Pimplaskar
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