Go for the Gold: Reach Olympics Fans on Mobile

Apr 08, 2024
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

Get ready to wave those flags—it’s almost time for the Olympics! The Olympics captivate and unite audiences worldwide, from the thrill of competition to the triumph of victory. In today’s digital age, mobile devices add to the excitement, offering brands plenty of chances to reach enthusiastic audiences. Let’s see how brands can connect with Olympic viewers on mobile. 

Win a Gold Medal with Mobile Gamers

Mobile gamers are avid Olympic watchers, 10% more likely to tune in than social media users. This presents a golden opportunity for brands to connect with audiences. Gaming apps provide immersive experiences like interactive videos and gamified ads that create lasting impressions. Mobile gamers’ receptiveness to interactive content leads to podium-worthy results for your brand.

Pass the Torch to Mobile

Watching the Olympics will be a second screen experience – with most viewers scrolling their content feeds, browsing results, and playing games while watching the competition. 

It’s not enough to just stick to TV ads anymore—getting in on the action helps generate buzz on mobile, grab eyeballs, and take your brand to new heights. Pass the torch from TV to mobile and let your brand shine during the Olympic Games!

Brands That Made the Podium With Mobile Gamers

Some brands have already proven themselves with mobile gamers and secured a coveted spot on their podium. Thanks to insights from the B.I.G. BRAG Index, we’ve learned that mobile gamers already have a strong affinity for brands like Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and H&M. These brands are top picks among mobile gamers, showcasing the potential for diverse industries to make their mark in the mobile gaming world. With the Olympics serving as a high-engagement time, brands shouldn’t hesitate to leverage this opportunity to embrace this worldwide event to win a medal for their mobile campaigns.

As the world comes together to celebrate the Olympic Games, there’s no better time for brands to seize the moment and connect with consumers on mobile. Whether through gamified content, immersive ad experiences, or real-time engagement, the possibilities are endless in mobile gaming. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to fuel your brand’s Olympic journey and leave a lasting impression on mobile gamers worldwide.

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By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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