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If this [Offer] Wall could talk – Lessons learned from Socialpoint

Socialpoint is known globally for creating innovative, engaging games such as Dragon City and Monster Legends, that foster a loyal community of players. Just like these games evolved over the years, so did their implementation of the Offer Wall, which has long been a core component of Socialpoint’s monetization strategy.

The Offer Wall provides developers with a highly-customizable advertising product that is deeply embedded in their virtual economy. For end users, it provides an opt-in experience to gain in-game currency, complementary to in-app purchases.

In this session, Socialpoint’s Head of Monetization, Sofia Gilyazova, and So-Eun Park, VP Business Operations at Digital Turbine discussed:

  • Some of the misconceptions developers have about the Offer Wall
  • The unique differences between Offer Wall and Rewarded Video
  • Strategies for effectively integrating Offer Wall into your game
  • Best practices for keeping the Offer Wall fresh and relevant for various user segments – and more!


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