Mobile Explorers Podcast: Episode 2 with Audiomack

Sep 11, 2023
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

Have you checked out the latest episode of Mobile Explorers? Catch up on Digital Turbine’s podcast that delves into the dynamic relationship between brand and performance in mobile advertising. Hosted by Peggy Anne Salz, one of the most influential thought leaders in mobile marketing, this podcast features compelling conversations with today’s leading mobile players on the trends and challenges facing the industry today.

Check out our second episode, Localization, Customer Loyalty, and Scaling on a Small Budget featuring Christopher Dalla Riva, Senior Product Manager, Data & Personalization at Audiomack Chris joins Peggy and co-host Ben Holmes, VP, Performance & Brand Revenue at Digital Turbine, to delve into how brand impacts mobile app acquisition.

Stay tuned for an upcoming episode where we discuss the challenges of building brand in mobile games and check out our first episode about the attention economy. Join the Mobile Explorers as we explore the uncharted territories of mobile advertising!

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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