4 Potential Nails in your Mobile Marketing Coffin

Oct 06, 2015
By: Mimi Torrington

Targeting Too Strictly: When running a mobile campaign, targeting is critical. You don’t want to waste budget on people who are not going to be interested in your app. Focusing on the audience that is most likely to engage with your ad makes sense. On the other hand, targeting too strictly or aggressively could pose challenges as well, especially for advertisers with a very unique or niche app. If your audience is too narrow you won’t get a high enough volume of installs to get the return on your advertising investment. Targeting can be a hard thing to balance, but this is one of the most important pieces of your campaign to get right.

Not Optimizing for Mobile: While it may sound obvious to optimize your mobile ads for mobile viewing, you’d be surprised at how many fail at optimization. How many times have you seen an ad that didn’t load properly, or an ad that you couldn’t close and overtook your screen? I know it happens to me more often than I’d like. Making sure that your ads work properly in both portrait and landscape mode, across devices, and across platforms (if applicable) is key. The reality is, if your campaign has flawed content or graphics from the beginning, there’s no way you’re going to make it out alive!

Not Localizing Ad Content: If you are targeting users in China, you probably want to make sure that your ad is in their native language. From the content and creative, to the call to action (CTA) ,and the landing page – everything should be localized and tailored to that market. This will help your ads be more engaging to your target audience, and increase conversions.

No Clear Call to Action: Defining a clear user journey before you kick off your mobile campaign is really important. What do you want users to do after they’ve seen your ad? Typically here at Digital Turbine, that CTA is to “download now.” However, your campaigns can offer an endless variety of CTAs like subscribe, register, or learn more. If a user can’t quickly and easily figure out what you’re trying to get them to do, your campaign is doomed.

While all 4 of these are scary, they don’t have to plague your mobile marketing efforts. Avoid falling victim and allowing these mistakes to be the nail in your campaign’s coffin!

By Mimi Torrington
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