A Full-Funnel Game Plan: Before, During, and After the Super Bowl

Oct 30, 2023
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

With football season in full swing and the Super Bowl not until February, it might seem early to prep for the biggest day of the year in advertising. While TV spots are already locked in for the big game, savvy advertisers know that it’s never too early. For those who want to squeeze every drop of potential from their expensive campaigns, a comprehensive strategy is the name of the game.  With football season in full swing, it’s not too early to Instead of limiting their focus to the big game, advertisers should consider the months leading up to and following the event for a full-funnel game plan.

Build Buzz

In the months before, advertisers can run ads to set up their Super Bowl campaign for success. Newer brands can work on building brand awareness through mobile ads. Established brands, on the other hand, should aim to enhance their mobile and app presence. Crafting a pre-Super Bowl strategy with UA campaigns like display and banner ads can set up an app for success well before the big game. For instance, Temu’s success story showcases how effective marketing efforts before the game can ensure their TV spots are worth the hefty price tag. Prior to the game, the e-commerce app generated enough buzz to earn them a slew of positive App Store reviews, allowing newcomers to the app to see immediately see their credibility.

Grab Attention

During the Super Bowl, it’s all about grabbing attention. Whether a brand shells out for a TV spot or sticks to digital campaigns, creative storytelling can ensure you keep the audience’s attention. Engaging video ads with interactive elements allows brands to really showcase their originality and reach their target audience in a more direct way. Eye-catching CTAs can also be effective. In our research, we have seen that consumers are more willing to engage with ads that offer discounts or a chance to win contests. Although Temu’s campaign proved successful, adding a QR code to facilitate app downloads could have further capitalized on their widely-seen ads. Instead, they focused on gaining installs and loyalty before their commercials aired to build stronger brand relationships. Coinbase, on the other hand, gained a lot of attention in 2022’s game by only displaying a floating QR code with no other branding. The bold simplicity of the ad created intrigue and drove conversions during and after the game, so much so that it crashed the app!

Secure Conversions

After the game, it’s conversion time. Following up with rewarded video ads and preloads ensures that consumers don’t just know about their app or brand but are also encouraged to download or make a purchase. Premium placement on a curated carrier hub like DT Hub puts an app in a prime position to be recognized and downloaded. To make the most of these downloads, offer walls can drive post-install engagement. The full-funnel approach not only solidifies a brand’s presence but also translates the initial buzz into tangible results.

The Super Bowl offers a massive stage for advertisers, but the true potential lies in embracing a full-funnel approach. From building brand awareness to creative storytelling, and finally, driving conversions, a comprehensive strategy ensures that advertising efforts continue to resonate long after the game. By utilizing every stage of the funnel, brands can maximize their Super Bowl advertising investment and leave a lasting impression on a target audience. 

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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