A True Win/ Win? Here’s why: Digital Turbine Acquires Mobile Posse

Mar 11, 2020
By: Marissa Camilli

Digital Turbine is excited to announce the acquisition of the mobile content discovery and advertising company Mobile Posse. Mobile Posse’s Firstly Mobile platform turns telecom companies into mobile media organizations by aggregating customizable news, entertainment, sport and weather content from multiple sources and delivering it directly to smartphone users via a single pre-loaded app.

Firstly Mobile aggregates content that subscribers like throughout the day, even when the phone is locked, ready for them to access when they are ready with a simple tap or swipe.

By partnering with leading media brands, including AP, CNN, HuffPost, BBC, The Guardian, Mashable and TechCrunch, the Firstly Mobile platform delivers compelling content and creates an engaging experience for smartphone users, maximizing device content consumption and helping OEMs and carriers dramatically increase advertising revenues.

A Brand Safe Environment

Firstly Mobile guarantees the users’ experience while protecting brand reputations by defending them from malware, scareware, and spyware, as well as blocking content with banned words, competitors’ ads, political and religious ads, and in-banner video. 

This safe advertising environment creates opportunities for brands to target key segments by the millions, fulfill goals with industry-leading viewability, and ensure brand safety with best-in-breed ad server operations.

Expanding Digital Turbine’s Footprint across the Mobile Eco-System

By acquiring Mobile Posse, Digital Turbine has affectively increased its US carrier market share from around 70% to close to 100%. As well as creating cross-selling opportunities across platforms and delivering new ad units that help manage demand for our growing customer base, the acquisition will also deliver profitable dollars to our bottom line on day one, helping fund continued innovation and product development. 

Speaking about the acquisition, Bill Stone, CEO of Digital Turbine said: “We are very excited to have completed the acquisition of Mobile Posse. Mobile Posse’s suite of highly-engaging content discovery products is a perfect complement to our core Digital Turbine platform offering. Working together, we will now look to leverage our respective product strengths and partner distribution avenues to continue to further differentiate our industry-leading, end-to-end mobile content delivery platform.”

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Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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