App Discovery & Engagement Provide Challenges, Opportunities

Oct 01, 2015
By: Marissa Camilli

recent Google customer survey provides valuable insights into app discovery and usage. Here are some of the findings:

App discovery happens in many places

While it’s commonly thought that app stores are the primary place for app discovery, only 40% of apps are discovered in app stores. This compares to 52% of apps being discovered from friends, family and colleagues, and 27% in search engines.

This makes it essential to make your app easily discoverable in as many locations as possible, including search.

App downloads are influenced by many things

For mobile app downloads, no single form of advertising is significantly more effective than the rest.  According to the survey, the type of ad that influenced app downloads was as follows:

  • 50% from search ads
  • 49% from social ads
  • 47% banner / graphical ads in apps
  • 45% banner / graphical ads in websites
  • 43% from video ads

Similar to app discovery, app downloads are influenced through many different formats. Promoting your ad campaign across multiple formats can help improve downloads.

To get your app used more than once, make it useful
With millions of apps available for download, and with the average user accessing 26 apps per month, it’s challenging to get your app used on a regular basis (or even more than once). Survey respondents identified the following attributes for regularly used apps:

  • 63% said the app makes their life easier
  • 63% noted clear instructions for using the app
  • 57% identified appealing design and aesthetic
  • 57% valued the consistent app experience on multiple devices
  • 45% said the app always has new content
  • 43% identified the app as a brand they regularly interact with offline

As you can see, there is a wide variety of reasons for app reengagement. While it can be challenging to target all reasons individually, providing an excellent app experience and incentives like discounts, coupons and exclusive content, can keep users returning.

Apps should be easy to find, valuable to use
In the ultracompetitive app market, there is no single factor that guarantees success, whether it’s getting your app downloaded or getting it used. This makes it important for your app to stand out: both in ease of discovery and ease of use. Above all, the user needs to find value in your app beyond its initial download.

Digital Turbine’s app preloading can be another way of enhancing your app’s use and reengagement. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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