BRAG Love Letters: Streaming Video

Feb 16, 2023
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

What’s love got to do with it? When it comes to leading apps, plenty! Our newest BRAG Brand Insights infographics celebrate the Brands mobile consumers love. Check them out! 

Our BRAG Love Letters blogs will focus on our emotional call-outs to some brands where love absolutely wasn’t blind.

Our latest BRAG Brand Insights were released on Valentine’s Day. So, of course, love was a major theme. But what might not be readily apparent is that the categories we picked were specific to our leisure time LOVE – the apps we go to we want to relax or connect or just be entertained. Before we surveyed consumers on specific apps however, we asked them on their interest level across our five leisure time categories. 

Of the five, streaming video ranked the highest. This makes sense considering streaming video’s popularity transformed TV viewing from a set schedule to whenever we have a moment. And with so many streaming services with hundreds of shows each, it would take awhile before we run out of things to watch. Which means our favorite downtime activity is to turn down the lights, set the mood, cuddle up on the couch, and spend some “quality time” with the streaming video apps we love. 

Here are our LOVE LETTERS to some streaming video apps that made our hearts flutter.

UR Strange

Love is weird. We all might have a type. But we all also once had a crush that was a little out of the ordinary. It’s when we found out that real beauty is really on the inside. The same is true for Streaming Video apps. While the app brand gets all the attention on our survey, the content within is really what consumers dig. People are attached to their content. Netflix’s Stranger Things has INSANE popularity – as evidenced by the fact that they are the only app in the category where over half of the people with a favorable opinion say they not only like the app, but they are attached to it! 

Discover Me

Streaming video features a bunch of popular kids. There are a bunch of apps with high awareness, and discovery+ is no exception, ranking 9th overall with 68% Brand Awareness (right below Paramount+. HBO Max, and Peacock). But when it comes to percent of ownership among those aware, discovery+ lags well behind those similar in awareness. Perhaps they are just that kid who no one has realized is cool yet. Becoming friends with a more popular kid, like HBOMax, certainly will help

Let’s Talk

If we want our object of affection to notice us we may just need a little help from our friends. Paramount+ led our Love Compass – meaning it had the highest level of change in terms of consumer’s brand opinion. But while people are buzzing about the app, their willingness to recommend them pales in comparison to other streaming video leaders. They need gossip! Get those fans passing notes and whispering in the hall about how great you are (and you are!) and you’ll get love in no time. 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we write Love Letters to apps in the Streaming Music, Shopping, Travel, and Social Media categories. 

By Ravi Pimplaskar
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