Crisis Marketing: SingleTap™ Installs Drive Efficiencies

Apr 17, 2020
By: Marissa Camilli

In times of crisis, efficiency is often key to delivering success. When your target audience is easily distracted by ongoing events, it’s vital that any call-to-action is precise, easily followed, and guides people along a direct route.

It’s important to remember, in times of crisis an individual’s smartphone becomes dramatically more important to them than it would normally. It connects them to their family and loved ones, their work, and for many will be a primary source of news, information, and entertainment. Any app that is adopted in such a time, stands a very good chance of becoming a trusted and valued commodity for the days, weeks and months ahead and long after any crisis has long gone.

But this doesn’t make app marketing any easier.
The fact that the global app industry is conducted on mobile devices, doesn’t protect it from the uncertainty of a crisis. The successful delivery of an app-based business relies on the health of the people employed in the business and the trust and support of customers and/or advertisers who fund such services.

Many app developers will be currently taking a very close look at their budgets and making decisions about what they can scale back on to ensure their ongoing financial security. Marketing is an obvious lever that can be pulled to restrict the flow out of the door or much-needed money. However, in an industry with potentially low barriers to entry (disruptive apps are constantly being developed by kitchen table entrepreneurs and hobbyists), a void in your marketing activity can create the space for an unseen threat to sneak in and steal your thunder.

Now is not the time to stop marketing. However, it is almost certainly is the time to get more efficient about your marketing. It’s time not only to adopt new strategies that maximize your return on investment but also to protect you against waste and fraud.

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It’s also a great time to look at maximizing your retention marketing through your own channels. Retention marketing is important because, as anyone who has been in business for any length of time will tell you, it is always cheaper to sell to your existing clients that win new ones through more expensive retention marketing strategies.

SingleTap™ Installs 

SingleTap™ installs from Digital Turbine allow smartphone users to install a new app to their device with a single tap on a link that can be sent via any trusted source — including SMS, email, social media, text link, banner advertising campaign or even a link from QR code included on a piece of direct mail or product packaging. As well as enabling app owners to target their own audience using low-cost retention marketing strategies versus more risky (and expensive) acquisition channels, they also bypass all the perils of directing your potential users to an app store like Google Play and hoping they come out the other side with a downloaded and activated app.

SingleTap™ installs also require your potential users to make just one decision rather than the multiple taps (read: multiple points of failure) required to download an app from an app store. They also allow your potential users to remain in their own familiar environment where they are not bombarded with links to competitive services or third-party content (including any less-than-glowing reviews) that might make them reconsider their choice.

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To learn more about how SingleTap™ Installs can help your app reach the users that you need, contact us today and ask to speak with one of our app marketing experts.

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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