E-Commerce Shifts Focus to Mobile

Dec 02, 2016
By: Marissa Camilli

It comes as no surprise that e-commerce businesses are continuing to increase their investment in mobile.  87% of e-commerce site owners are planning to invest more into their mobile efforts.

This investment into mobile is a result of a broader shift of users from desktop to mobile. Users are spending less time on their desktops and more time on mobile devices, with the average user spending 65% of their time with digital media time on mobile platforms. E-commerce retail spending through mobile has also been steadily growing each quarter. 66% of time spent with online retailers is on mobile, and 70% of online transactions occur on a mobile device.

Whether it be through in-app advertising, or app preloads, e-commerce business is moving quickly towards mobile apps, and for good reason. Advertising e-commerce businesses through in-app placements is an effective way to reach customers–considering that mobile users spend 87% of their time mobile time in-app. Customer interaction with in-app ads is also higher than mobile web ads. In 2015, in-app click-through rates doubled those of mobile web ads. According to eMarketer, around 93% of smartphone users and 90 percent of tablet users will install apps, resulting in greater in-app marketing opportunities.

The e-commerce industry is also moving towards the new mobile marketing strategy: native app preloads. Native app preloads allow e-commerce companies to place their apps directly on new mobile devices, while providing customers the convenience of easily interacting with the business from their home screen. A study in EU found that 70% of Android users prefer to buy an Android device with native app preloads (basic apps already loaded). 39% of those surveyed like the ease and convenience of having preloaded apps and 36% like having a device that’s ready to use as soon as they get it.

E-commerce is relying more and more on mobile for its success. Thus, it is important for your e-commerce business to establish a strong mobile marketing plan now. Partner with Digital Turbine to establish an effective mobile marketing strategy for your e-commerce business today.

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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