Exploring Mobile App Habits: Why Brand Matters

Dec 15, 2022
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

Recently we released our 2022 Mobile App Habit report, which explored how mobile gamers used their phones beyond games – giving data on their behavior, motivations, and tendencies. Over the next few weeks, we’ll dig deeper into some of these habits. 

We’ve all gotten picky about the apps we install. With already crowded home screens, people aren’t as keen to try new apps the way they used to. Over half of consumers say they download 5 or less apps within a year. That means that publishers looking to acquire new users need to really break the mold not just with their app but with their marketing strategy. Here are some things you should know to about the necessity of being there when consumers are ready to install: 

Word of mouth is still the top reason for discovery.

Before they download your app, they have to find it! Our research shows that most people are discovering apps through some form of word of mouth. Just under half (48%) are learning about apps from friends and family while 39% have found them through social media. Maintaining a user friendly app and an appealing brand image will encourage your satisfied users to spread the word. 

Staying top of mind matters.

With word of mouth being the top influencer for discovery, advertisers need to ensure they stay top of mind for when the consumer is ready. Does that mean advertising doesn’t matter anymore? Absolutely not. Word of mouth will get your name out there but won’t necessarily prompt a mobile user to download. 

More than half of consumers say they download an app because they need it for a specific task. A well-crafted in-app advertising strategy to go with the brand recognition will make sure your app is getting enough impressions until the audience is ready to download and fulfill that task. For instance, most people are not planning vacations 365 days out of the year. But when summer or winter holiday planning comes up, both word of mouth and eye-catching ads will ensure that travel app will be top of mind when a consumer is ready to book a trip.

Don’t ignore advertising in lean-back moments.

While most people are downloading apps to complete a task, there are still a significant number of smartphone users who are just looking to pass the time and have some fun. Being there for these lean-back moments will allow you to reach consumers who are looking to be entertained and are then more likely to engage with an interactive ad. It’s also important to have a full funnel approach to not only build awareness but also convert. On-device solutions like preloads or notifications can put your app front and center for when a consumer is ready to download for whatever need they might have.

Stay tuned next week as we’ll talk more about Consumer’s Mobile App Habits and how you can effectively reach your audience during lean-back moments.

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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