Gaming Publishers & Preloads: Next Level of Discovery

Feb 04, 2021
By: Jon Hudson

Key Takeaways:

  • Game publishers use preloads 5x more than other app publishers.
  • Preloads helping gaming publishers break into global markets.
  • All types of preloads lead to high open rates and returning players.
  • Millions of new players due to gaming app preloads.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how gamers prefer finding new games via preloads than any other UA method. But gamers aren’t the only ones who prefer preloads — Game publishers are using them to find a competitive edge as well. Gaming publishers across the mobile industry are preloading their apps five times more than other app publishers. With stellar conversion rates across all types of games, gaming preloads are seeing noteworthy success.

Catching Their Interest

Unpacking the market further, we’re seeing the preload strategy show some impressive use. All these preloads aren’t just U.S. based either — leading game publishers are powering out into markets for global scale. While U.S. markets take the lead at over 70M game preloads, non-U.S. markets saw nearly 50M preloads in Q2 of 2020.

Preloads Claim Big Wins

No matter what lane your games are in, you can hit the big time too. Learn more in our insight report to see how your games can start ranking up with preloads.

By Jon Hudson
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