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Geo-Targeting: Not Spooky, Just Efficient

While mobile users spend around three hours per day looking at their device, no single mobile advertising type has been proven the most effective at influencing users.

Mobile devices have natural limitations such as small screen sizes. Combined with the incredibly short attention spans of device usersadvertisers are still experimenting with ways to effectively and consistently reach the right users.

Mobile device users are on the go, and advertisers are catching up

In contrast to television advertisements where users view ads in a physically settled state, device users are often on the go.

While this creates some challenges, it also offers a unique opportunity to target device users based on their specific physical location, such when they’re outside a business. More and more companies are using geo-targeting to deliver the right app or ad to the right person at the right time.

Target users based on precise physical locations, and be more efficient with your ad dollars.

Geo-targeting lets advertisers and app developers target users in select specific ZIP codes, or designated market areas (DMAs) — such as inside or near a business.

While being a more precise and targeted form of advertising, it could also lower costs through advertising in a physically smaller region.

There are many exciting possibilities with geo-targeting your app, and it should be explored as part of your mobile ad strategy.

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