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Smart Travel Apps for a Mobile Generation

The smartphone could have been built
specifically for the travel industry. As a device that travels with us
everywhere, helps us find hotel rooms, books flights, plan excursions, maps our
routes, and inspires our future journeys, it’s difficult to image traveling
without a smartphone. This is before we even take a moment to consider how many
devices we no longer have to pack because of the smartphone — the camera, audio
player, laptop, eBook reader are all consigned to history. Seriously, the only
thing left to integrate with a smartphone that would make it the perfect travel
companion is the hairdryer (although we may be some way away from that
innovation just yet).

It’s, therefore, no surprise that travel
apps are big business on smartphones. With this in mind, the team at Digital
Turbine decided to collate a list of some of our favorite travel apps — the
kind of thing that you really shouldn’t leave home without.

Full-Service Travel App

For some journeys, you just want all your
travel arrangements to be managed in one place. The full-service travel app is
the smartphone equivalent of your old bricks ‘n’ mortar travel agency where you
could package up flights, accommodation, car rental, and a full range of other
travel-related services in a one-stop-shop type environment.

The vast majority of these apps are managed
by big names in the online travel sector and will already be very familiar to
both frequent and occasional travelers alike. They include:

  • Expedia: Hotels, flights, cars,
    activities, and bundled deals. Expedia
    helps you plan, book and manage your whole trip on one app.
  • Priceline: Exclusive app-only travel deals. Priceline
    is rated by Travel + Leisure magazine
    as a Best App for Travelers!

Price Comparison Apps

Offering a more flexible travel solution
for more flexible travelers, travel price comparison apps enable users to
compare and contrast offers from hundreds of travel sites, helping them find
the best possible deal to suit their individual needs. If you are not tied to a
specific date or time, these apps can help you find some incredible deals:

  • Kayak: Discover
    mobile-only deals, view your trip details on the go, and search hundreds of
    travel sites with one tap on the Kayak app.
  • Hotwire: The Hotwire app helps travelers save more byoffering unsold travel inventory at
    discounted prices.
  • TripAdvisor: More than just a review service. Discover and
    book amazing things to do while you travel, with recommendations from
    TripAdvisor’s global community on the TripAdvisor app.
  • WeGo: Compare travel options from hundreds
    of travel sites on one simple screen. A truly global service The WeGo app
    is available in a huge variety of languages.
  • Hopper: Watch your next flight and get a notification as soon as the
    price drops to its lowest point.Users
    save on average $50 per flight by following the Hopper app’s advice.


Sometimes you just need a seat on a flight
and the new breed of low-cost airlines have done more to make this as
affordable as possible to the widest range of travelers than anyone else. By
selling seats direct to the public (reducing agency commissions), introducing
paperless travel (e-Tickets and mobile boarding passes), and charging for
extras on top of their no-frills service, low-cost airlines have completely
disrupted the aviation industry. Now with the right smartphone app, jumping on
a flight can be as cheap and easy as taking a bus.

  • JetBlue: Book flights, change seats,
    check-in and download your boarding pass with the JetBlue app.
  • SouthWest: Book and manage your flight
    and car rental services, check your flight status and boarding info, access
    reward points, view travel and weather alerts with the SouthWest app.


So, you’ve booked your flight with a
low-cost carrier? You’re going to need somewhere to stay. Accommodation only is
an incredibly crowded sector of the app travel market. This is great news for those
of us looking to save some money on hotel rooms, apartments, and guest houses
because the availability of choice has never wider.

  • Airbnb: Unforgettable travel
    experiences start with the Airbnb app. Find travel
    adventures and new places to go far away or near to you, and access vacation
    home rentals, new experiences, and places to visit all around the world.
  • HomeAway: Find and book the perfect holiday
    rental in just a few taps. With the HomeAway
    , you can quickly and easily access all the tools you need to plan, book
    and manage your stay.
  • Trivago: Compare hotels & find your
    ideal hotel at a great price before you book with the Trivago
  • Check in with your digital
    confirmation, manage your bookings on the go and travel with ease with the app.


Nobody in their right mind parks at the
airport without pre-booking first. These apps will ensure that your cars stay
at the airport isn’t as expensive as your vacation.

  • ParkWhiz: Find parking anywhere, compare
    prices and pick the place that’s best for you, and save up to 50% off standard
    rates with the ParkWhiz app.
  • WeSmartPark: A little local knowledge
    goes a long way. The WeSmartPark
    can help you find the perfect parking spot in Barcelona and Madrid in
    Spain orSantiago in Chile.


After clearing customs and collecting your
luggage, you can never underestimate the convenience of having a car waiting
for you at the airport. Thankfully, there are a number of apps available to
make sure that happens.

  • Enterprise Rent-a-Car: Easily view or
    modify upcoming reservations, get directions to a rental branch, call roadside
    assistance or find a hire car for your next trip at one of 7,000+ worldwide
    locations with the Enterprise
    Rent-a-Car app
  • Easyrentcars: No matter where you are,
    you can always rent a car with the Easyrentcars app
    until the last minute before pick-up. And you can manage your booking anywhere,

Inspiration and Management

If all of this talk about travel has
inspired you to hit the road, the following apps are available to help you plan
your next trip.

  • Roadtrippers: Billed as the only map
    built for travelers, the Roadtrippers
    helps you plan your summer road trip with friends or find an amazing
    place nearby you never knew existed.
  • Culture Trip: Get a feel for what makes
    a place special through local writers, filmmakers, and creatorswith the Culture Trip app.Discover everything from experiences,
    to hotels and restaurants and more.
  • Tripit: It doesn’t matter where you
    book, the TripIt app can manage it all. As soon as you book a flight, hotel,
    car or other reservation, simply forward it to [email protected] and it’s
    instantly added to your master itinerary.

Sure Your Travel App Goes Further

Could your app do with a break? At
DigitalTurbine we have availability on the hottest devices and most sought
after networks. To learn how your travel app could fly first class and avoid
all those nasty queues in the app store equivalent of departures, talk to one
of our pre-loading experts today.

Marissa Camilli

By Marissa Delisle

Marketing Specialist

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