Where is Mobile at SXSW?

Mar 09, 2018
By: Marissa Camilli

You could argue that all of the current festival tracks which make up the SXSW behemoth (Interactive, Film, Music, Comedy and Gaming) already have a home on mobile and it’s hard to imagine anyone working in any of these arenas not having a mobile-first delivery and engagement strategy.

You could also argue, that as technologies go, mobile is so ingrained in our everyday lives, that it has become almost omnipresent and, if you think about it, almost human. For many, mobile engagement is much like breathing, you don’t really think about it too much until you are unable to do it anymore.

While SXSW is a phenomenal happening, it is perhaps dwarfed by mobile and therefore it is understandable that the organizers wouldn’t want to eclipse the event with something so much bigger.

However, as was proven by the record crowds (100,000+) attending this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it’s clear that many people want to focus a lot of attention on mobile and at Digital Turbine, we’re only too happy to provide the platform to do so.

Mobile “Meat-Up” at SXSW

Digital Turbine is excited to be hosting a panel discussion at the Mobile Growth House ATX’s Mobile Meat-Up on Saturday, March 10th, 2018. The event, as the name alludes, will be hosted at the CB Lounge at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q, Austin, Texas) where fellow app developers, marketers, product owners and agencies can indulge their passion for the mobile eco-system and authentic Texan barbecued meat (vegetarians and vegans, we are reliably informed , will be equally well looked after).

The panel, entitled: User Acquisition from Day-trading Mindset to Real Long-term Customer ROI, kicks-off at 10am and will be moderated by Adam Lovallo, co-founder of and include the following expert panellists:

  • Matt Tubergen, EVP, Digital Turbine
  • Ryan Bruss, Senior Manager, Growth Marketing Homeaway
  • Amanda Carvell, Digital Marketing Manager, RetailMeNot
  • David McKie, Director, Business Development, Yelp

Discussion topics will include:

  • Why apps are top brands’ customer touchpoints of choice.
  • How the app ecosystem is changing.
  • Why app discoverability and user acquisition are problematic with all-time high levels of noise, fraud and limited reach.
  • How to reach and acquire quality mobile users for long-term ROI.

The “Meat-Up” is a full day event, starting with coffee at 8.30am, an authentic Texan BBQ lunch and networking drinks and invited attendees DO NOT require a SXSW badge.

For more information or to request an invitation please visit:

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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