Mobile Monday: Get in the Game…the Mobile Game

Feb 06, 2023
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

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Super Bowl Sunday is coming and it’s time for brands to get in the game. And we’re not just talking about football or even the advertising game. It’s time to get into the game…on mobile! 

As one of the most popular and accessible forms of entertainment, millions of people are playing games on their phones everyday and Super Bowl Sunday is no exception. Last year, a quarter of viewers said they will be playing mobile games during the game. Here are three things to keep in mind about mobile gamers and advertising to them:

Most people watching the Big Game are mobile gamers.

How do we know that? We asked them! In our recent survey, 70% of Big Game viewers said they also play mobile games regularly. Whether it’s during the game or after, brands have the opportunity to expand their campaigns beyond their TV ads into the huge reach of mobile games.

Mobile gamers are more motivated by incentives to engage further with ads via smartphones.

Mobile gamers are more likely to engage with ads on the smartphones especially when presented with a great offer. Compared to non-mobile gamers, those who play daily are more motivated to respond to mobile calls-to-action like getting a discount code or entering a contest. A creative ad paired with an eye-catching CTA can help target your audience within mobile gamers and achieve your campaign goals.

Mobile gamers are ready and willing to engage with ads – no matter what!

No matter your campaign goals, mobile gamers are primed to engage with ads in general. Last week, we revealed that mobile gamers are more likely to engage with advertisements they see on TV via their smartphones than non-mobile gamers. Whether your goal is to increase awareness, promotions, or purchases, mobile gamers are a highly receptive and engaged group. Targeting this audience in your post-game ads will extend Super Bowl buzz and get more out of your ad spend.

Looking for more insights into the advertising during the Big Game? Check out our Offensive Playbook for Advertisers and stay tuned for our Defensive Playbook coming this week!

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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