Mobile Monday: What’s the DT HUB-bub?

Mar 20, 2023
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

What’s the buzz in mobile this week? Jumpstart your week here:

Last week we introduced you to DT Hub which brings a new app discovery experience to smartphones. DT Hub provides new growth opportunities for mobile carriers and app developers. 

For mobile carriers, they can now be a bigger part of the mobile app ecosystem, not only helping create their subscriber’s relationship with new apps, but also earn revenue from them. Meanwhile, app developers are given a path to incremental distribution on top of their app  store growth. 

A question you may be asking is why a new app discovery experience is even needed. The answer is because consumer behavior has changed. People still want to be connected to the media they love, but the process of doing so is now filled with a lot of friction. DT Hub reduces that friction. 

Here’s 3 reasons why a better way of app discovery is needed:

1. There’s A Lot of Apps – App stores today have ~2 million apps and counting. We can find what we want with a highly targeted search. But what about when we don’t quite know? Consider how you find streaming content. While there may be zillions of options, Netflix has an engine that will recommend shows through promotions and curated lists. DT Hub does the same for apps.

2. Apps Aren’t Being Installed – Our 2022 Mobile App Habit Report showed that 56% of people install less than 5 apps in a year. We’re judicious about what we install because of privacy issues and over-cluttered phones. The while process seems cumbersome if we don’t know if the app fills an immediate need. DT Hub makes the process less overwhelming by letting users dive in with one tap – safely and securely.

3. No Single Favorite Discovery Method – Several methods still have their place, but none of them rank above 25%. Our phones, however, are still our go-to-device when we’re bored or curious. And much like we’ll scroll through apps and content to find things we want, DT Hub makes app discovery a natural extension of our existing “killing time” smartphone behavior. People can just pop-in and see if there is anything they like.

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By Ravi Pimplaskar
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