DT Exchange x AdColony Merge is Now Complete

Jan 11, 2024
By: Maria Ershova

Welcome to the Mobile App Growth Powerhouse

We are happy to announce that the merge of AdColony Exchange into DT Exchange is now complete! This recent step marks a significant milestone in Digital Turbine’s journey as we continue to enhance partnerships and deliver exceptional value to both our app developer and DSP partners.

Here’s everything you need to know about the exchange merger:

App Developers

Streamlined Diverse Demand

DT Exchange now sends a balanced blend of brand and performance demand through a single SDK connection to our publisher partners. This unified flow means a surge of new brand demand, cleaner ad experiences for your users, better competition, and improved publisher revenue.

With this shift and new brand and performance demand budgets unlocked, DT Exchange publishers can see an incremental ad revenue increase.

Enhanced Access and Efficiency

Publishers who have been live with both AdColony and DT Exchange now have a singular access point for all revenue and reporting, financial insights, and legal aspects. This consolidation simplifies the operations and business processes, allowing publishers to focus on app development and growth.

AdColony publishers will have access to their AdColony accounts for accounting purposes until March 31, 2024. 


Even More High-Quality Unique Users

DT Exchange’s demand partners can now enjoy access to even more high-quality inventory through a 100% direct SDK connection. Same performance, same 

viewability, same video completion rates – now available across more apps.

Together with the best tech capabilities of AdColony and Fyber combined, DT Exchange ensures an elevated standard of inventory quality, cleaner ad experience, safe creative SDK rendering with full control over any additional touch points with users, such as SKOverlay and End Cards, as well as compliance with all the mobile user privacy standards, ensuring your campaigns always meet your KPIs in a safe and efficient ad environment.

Efficient Connection

Say goodbye to multiple, fragmented connections and hops. Now, our DSP partners have a single point of connection to access all of the DT Exchange inventory directly. This optimizes your algorithm operations and improves ad serving efficiency, eliminating unwanted hops for your campaigns to reach the right users at the right time.

Unified Access to Resources

Similar to app developers, DSPs now benefit from a consolidated gateway encompassing revenue, financial insights, legal frameworks, and reporting functionalities. This consolidated platform streamlines your experience, allowing you to focus more on campaign optimization and strategies.

All AdColony demand partners will have access to their AdColony accounts for accounting purposes until March 31, 2024. 

If you have questions, please contact your Account Manager, or use the contact link below. 

By Maria Ershova
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