A New Kind of DSP: You need it, we got it! Part 2 of 3

Aug 24, 2021
By: Jon Hudson

With so many choices and factors to consider, finding the right DSP can be a tricky task. For starters, there is little differentiation between what you ultimately get. With all DSPs pulling from the same well of sources, there isn’t anywhere new to go if that well dries up. On top of that, with complex algorithms driving opaque pricing, it’s difficult to determine true value until after your campaign has run its course.

Digital Turbine’s DSP has proven to solve many of those challenges – and skyrocket performance so much so that we can’t help but ask – Can your DSP do that

But enough about us. Let’s talk about what you need. When talking to advertisers, typically we find the same 4 big things that they look for from a DSP:

  1. I Need To Show Performance 

Problem: You have a budget and plan and are ready to get rolling. Unfortunately, with your traditional DSP, install volume doesn’t start hitting overnight and within the first month you are already behind on your KPIs and metrics. 

Solution: Digital Turbine’s DSP has the exclusive advantage of SingleTap which eliminates the friction in the ad installs process – delivering apps to devices on a single touch (bypassing the app store completely). This has been proven to increase conversion rate by 5X or more. Fig. 1 shows exemplary results from a typical campaign, as SingleTap enabled this leading advertiser to hit it’s install and CPI targets in about 1 week! 

Fig. 1 Quickly Achieve Spend and CPI Goals
  1. I Need to Show Scale

Problem: Your campaign is rolling and off to the start you had hoped for. But after a few weeks, you notice that install growth with your traditional DSP has stopped climbing. 

Solution: While SingleTap will ensure your campaign is humming out of the gate (no cold starts allowed!), our global footprint of over 600M devices brings a unique reach that no other DSP can. As shown in Fig 2, typical campaigns achieve large scale milestones within 1-2 months. This is thanks to customized machine learning algorithms that exponentially expand the power of our 60 billion daily impressions, 20+ integrated exchanges, and exclusive traffic from SingleTap.

Fig. 2 Quickly Achieve Scale
  1. I Need to Optimize My Campaigns

Problem: It’s time to evaluate your campaign! As a data nerd, you roll up your sleeves and take a look at the reports from your traditional DSP – but all you see are summaries and a roll-up of your performance.

Solution: In addition to traditional evaluation metrics (top 2 rows in Fig 3), Digital Turbine’s DSP delivers strategic metrics that will help optimize and improve your campaigns as well. For example, compare how placements work on different exchanges and focus your spend on the better performing ones. Additionally, get access to bid level data – like the bid floor, win rate at different bid levels, bid success rate, and other detailed bid factors – to increase your win ratio and optimize your auction spends.

Fig. 3 Get Evaluation AND Optimization Metrics
  1. I Need to Scale Creative Resources 

Problem: In order to reach out across all ad networks, you have an need to test an enormous amount of creative assets by size, color, copy and placement type. Your in-house team is overworked by the vast amount of variations – particularly since ads need to be refreshed every 4-6 weeks.

Solution: Unlike other DSPs, Digital Turbine brings a Built-in Creative Wizard that solves issues with organizational speed and diversity of ad formats. Building off optimized assets in the app store, the wizard will automatically create an abundance of assets differing in size and format for your campaign that will be on-brand and on-message. Recent examples had the wizard building 125 ads (5 formats x 5 messages x 5 graphics) for A/B testing in 30 minutes! Additionally, the wizard then employs iterative A/B testing to ensure maximum optimization – resulting in an increase of up to 5x in conversion rates.

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By Jon Hudson
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