New Case Study – User Acquisition with Faladdin & Adjust

Dec 17, 2020
By: Melisa Matlum

If you’re looking to grow your app, whether you’re an entertainment app, a utility app, or a mobile game, campaign measurement is an essential part of the equation. One such app is the daily horoscope and tarot reading entertainment app Faladdin. They worked with Digital Turbine and our partner, global app marketing platform Adjust, who provided data accuracy for the app-install campaign to take Faladdin’s campaign to the next level with Digital Turbine.

The number one fortune-telling & astrology application reached potential customers by promoting its combination of technological innovation and “ancient knowledge of mystical teachings” with a successful app install campaign. Adjust’s attribution and analytics tools, and features allowed them to see how many people installed the app and their actions within the app.

About the Campaign

Faladdin was founded in 2017 and continues to open the doors of its mystical world to its users with the motto “Extraordinary Personalized Fortune-telling Experience.”

Although most interest in virtual fortune-telling comes from the 24-35 age group, Faladdin has users of all ages. While 85% of its users are women, 15% are men, and the number of male users who use Faladdin’s app increases every day. Using artificial intelligence, Faladdin combines the user’s voluntarily-given personal and relationship characteristics with a storyline to provide a unique mobile fortune-telling experience.

Faladdin wanted to deliver its exciting and unique technology experience to more new users and chose Digital Turbine and Adjust for their UA campaign, allowing users to get hands-on with the new fortune technology.

How did the campaign work?

To increase its reach with an app install campaign in cooperation with Digital Turbine and Adjust, the successful fortune-telling & astrology app wanted to reach potential customers in different countries across Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Simultaneously, Faladdin wanted to see the effects of different creatives on the campaign results and allowed Digital Turbine’s team of dedicated campaign managers to optimize the campaign on-the-fly. By running creative A/B and multivariate tests, Digital Turbine measured different creatives’ effects on cost, install, and user-related/post-install event (PIE) results and were able to measure which creatives obtained better results from which source apps, even at the impression level, thanks to the sub source breakdown and data flexibility provided by Adjust. In this campaign, Digital Turbine demonstrated its understanding of which apps or app categories matched which creatives better, and demonstrated the best performance.

With the support of Adjust, Faladdin and Digital Turbine were also able to optimize based on user sessions, daily and monthly active users, and post-install event data. The campaign then had specific user segments targeted based on the desired results. This also provides the chance to match the ad groups with the best performance and creatives with the highest install numbers.

This also gave Digital Turbine bidding flexibility. Through the daily and monthly active users, session time, impression, install, uninstall, IAPs, revenue, and user-related / PIE data for Faladdin passed from Adjust, Digital Turbine was able to determine sources with less effective results, and reduce or stop bids on those while prioritizing source apps with positive results. Digital Turbine created whitelists and increased spending across those lists to continuously optimize its bidding capability in different sub-breakdowns of the campaigns.

Finally, Digital Turbine knew that Faladdin wanted to closely follow what actions its users take in the app after downloading. Digital Turbine took the necessary actions for both targeting, event cost analysis, and optimizations accordingly thanks to the data richness, flexibility, and event linking option provided by Adjust for the setup and subsequent follow-up of these events.

Why does it work?

Faladdin wanted to reach potential customers with its app install campaigns live on both iOS and Android. Since the end of Q1, when the advertising campaign began, it was live in Saudi Arabia, UAE, the US, UK, and Germany on the iOS side, and the US, Germany, and the UK on the Android side. It is currently live in the US on both platforms.

Faladdin wanted to track the events it considers the most important indicators of high-quality users for them:  “AstrologyFortuneComplete”, “ClairvoyanceFortuneComplete”, “CoffeeFortuneComplete”, “GenieFortuneComplete” and “TarotFortuneComplete”.

These also vary by region: In the United States, Astrology, Clairvoyance, and Tarot events are the key events, while in the MENA region Coffee and Clairvoyance events are more important.

On the iOS side, Faladdin obtained 424,427 events and 9,681 installs from Q2 until today, while on the Android side it achieved 149,218 events and 7,426 installs.

iOS Android
9,681 installs 7,426 installs
424,427 events 149,218 events

If we look at the quarterly install and event data it has achieved 11.6K install and 171K event in Q2, 1.2K install and 241K event in Q3, 4K install and 160K event in Q4.

Q2 Q3 Q4
11,600 installs 1,200 installs 4,000 installs
171,000 events 241,000 events 160,000 events

Considering these results, it would not be wrong to say that the Faladdin app install campaign increased its success day by day as a result of the accurate, trustworthy, and rich data provided by Adjust, and the combination of this data with Digital Turbine’s technology and optimization expertise!

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By Melisa Matlum
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