Success Story: 1945 Air Force & User Acquisition

Mar 18, 2021
By: Jonathan Harrop

Digital Turbine is working with many global publishers extensively in order to reach users worldwide. Today, we’d like to introduce OneSoft – Falcon, the ASEAN top 5 game studio headquartered in Vietnam, and share tips on how they’re successfully acquiring users globally.

1945 Air Force: Airplane Shooting Games is one of the most popular arcade games. It is a masterpiece remake of the classic shooting arcade game with over 1M DAU, and it achieved the #2 ranking in install volume across ANZ & SEA in 2020.

Since the arcade genre altogether, particularly shooting games, is extremely competitive in the market, OneSoft – Falcon wanted to increase their conversion rate and global volume, especially in tier 1 countries, while maintaining a good ROAS in general.

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As the publisher has partnered with Digital Turbine for over a year, we were able to try various approaches to drive the best optimization of the campaign. Multiple ad formats, such as 15/30sec video, AppStoreKit, overlay, guided install, playable ads, and etc., were tested to increase the effectiveness of the campaign. Above all, playable ads that deliver the same gameplay experience within the ads to the user were highly successful. Also, blacklisting the specific sources with low retention and whitelisting the sources with high ROAS boosted the revenue.

Moreover, since 1945 Air Force is a globally beloved game, localizing the creatives for each market was crucial. We rearranged the campaign structure by having multiple ad groups per campaign and matching the localized creatives to reach the right target audience with more personalized, interactive ad creatives.

“We appreciate the enthusiastic support from the Digital Turbine team. Effective advertising delivers quality users, greatly improving our performance. Certainly, Digital Turbine will always be an important partner on our way.” — Linh Nguyễn, Marketing Manager

Overall, OneSoft – Falcon achieved tremendous success in user acquisition and continues to work with us to level up their optimization. Check out the results and actual creatives in the full report below!

By Jonathan Harrop
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