DSP: How APPS Achieved 100% ROAS with 3X More Installs

  • GOAL

    Gain new users, positive ROAS and high retention rates.




    All Android Devices


    SingleTap DSP


APPS is a mobile game development company which focuses mainly on hypercasual games. They use smart engineering and data driven decisions to create games of high impact and long term player value.

For their hypercasual game Fashion Battle, APPS wanted to drive new users at scale while maintaining a stable, positive ROAS and high retention rates.


APPS ran a campaign focused on Android devices, utilizing our DSP and patented SingleTap product – allowing users to download the game in just one-tap from any ad creative.

In addition, once enough data was gathered, the campaign utilized a custom optimization model focusing on user-level targeting to acquire the most high-value users.

Together with full platform transparency, APPS gained useful insights into the exchanges, ad formats and publishers that performed best for Fashion Battle. The campaign was fully managed by a dedicated customer success manager applying the optimizations and adjustments to maximize performance.

The Results

SingleTap Drives Stellar Results Thanks to the custom model, APPS was able to maintain profitability every month while keeping the scale high.

  • Direct Verification of real device.
  • Direct Access to native placements
  • Direct Connections. No ad-tech hops.
  • Direct Installs with patented SingleTap tech.
APPS Results - ROAS percentage graphic

Thanks to SingleTap, APPS saw conversion rates increase by 300%.

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