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How to be a Financially Dynamic and Sophisticated Banking App

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Banco Azteca is a Mexican bank with more than 1,800 branches in Mexico. As part of their strategic initiative to grow users for thier app, they reached out to Digital Turbine to help boost enrollments and gain high quality users.

Banco Azteca’s app has achieved over 10 Million downloads, with Digital Turbine contributing 1.74 Million .This case study explores how they achieved such success and how their partnership with Digital Turbine has led to increased LTV & ROI.Unico Studio, a Silicon Valley based casual and hyper casual game developer specializing in brain and puzzle games, was looking to significantly grow their user base while maintaining a low cost of user acquisition.


The Challenge: In the past, many Banco Azteca clients preferred to physically go to the bank over using an app. However, with a new generation of young and tech-savvy users, Banco Azteca sought to make it’s digital banking app accesible and easy to use so that users felt more comfortable making financial transactions online.

The Solution: In mid-2019, Banco Azteca started a Dynamic Install campaign with Digital Turbine to preload its application on mobile devices across Mexico. Digital Turbine’s scale and capacity to reach more than 2.5 mllion users monthly in Mexico was essential to Banco Azteca’s ability to reach a larger audience of engaged and valuable users. Banco Azteca has increased its investment monthly, leading to an increase in its campaign KPIs. The campaign continues to increase the number of users and enrollments month by month, leading to Banco Azteca becoming ranked as the top finance app in Mexico in 2020.

The Results

Top Strategic Partner

Digital Turbine is a top critical partner for Banco Azteca for driving new user growth. By using the full power of our platform, they were able to grow their users at scale.

  • Direct Verification of real device.
  • Direct Access to native placements
  • Direct Connections. No ad-tech hops.
  • Global Reach into hard to penetrate markets.

Banco Azteca’s partnership with Digital Turbine led to increased LTV & ROI.

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