How to Maximize New App Users and Minimize Acquisition Cost

  • GOAL

    Grow New Users at Scale


    USA, Latin America, Europe


    Mid-tier Android Devices


    Preloads & Pre-Engagement Notifications


Because the clients local search and recommendation app is relevant to most mobile users, the goal was to reach as many users as possible on Android devices during key moments that mattered most to engagement (ex. searching for restaurants). Equally important was to drive its engagement cost below other media channels such as Facebook and Google. Its app users view more than 10 times as many pages as its website users. Approximately 74% of searches and 65% of ad clicks came from mobile, making this segment strategically important to scale.


The client’s application was massively distributed across mobile devices that led to a dramatic increase on the new user costs across typical user acquisition channels such as Facebook and Google. Traffic via its app is growing the fastest and offers the lowest traffic acquisition cost. The challenge was to keep new user registration cost low while maintaining volume and scale.


As app users are a critically important segment representing the majority of engagement and ad clicks, the campaign goals were to maximize new app users while maintaining a CPA cost below $2.

The Results

Powerful New User Growth

Focused initially in the US, the campaign grew from a $50k beta spend to more than $500k over a 2yr time period. Preloads drove more than 12 million new installs and hit their KPI metrics for ROI, and CPA.

  • Direct Verification of real device.
  • Direct Access to native placements
  • Direct Connections. No ad-tech hops.
  • Global Reach into hard to penetrate markets.

Customer acquisition and brand goals outperformed expectations by 2X.

minimize user acquisition costs
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