Magazine Luiza Grew User Base, Hit ROAS Goals and Acquired over 10m Users with DT’s On-Device Solutions

The App Hit D30 ROAS Goals, Reaching 2.2X ROAS Over a 60 Days Period


Magazine Luiza, one of the largest e-commerce companies in Brazil, is a consumer goods retailer, selling home appliances, electronics, furniture, cosmetics, toys, and sports articles, among others. It distributes its products through physical stores (with more than 1.5K physical stores in 21 regions) and website/e-commerce operations.


With more than 100M downloads, Magazine Luiza were looking for additional ways to grow their user base and reach new audiences for their retail app. Magazine Luiza’s UA team’s major KPI to measure success of their campaigns was ROAS, meaning they are looking for high-quality users who make significant purchases with their app.


Magazine Luiza ran campaigns directly on leading LATAM carriers’ and OEMs’ devices (Claro, Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo and others) across a variety of DT On-Device solutions, including Dynamic Installs (dynamically preloaded apps on a user’s new device), and App Select (an app recommendation platform during the initial setup of a device) for the past 3 years.

Compared to users acquired through traditional UA channels, users acquired through On-Device solutions have a unique engagement experience, which meant Magazine Luiza needed to look at KPIs differently. Magazine Luiza used a D30 attribution window and were satisfied with the results. However, to see the true value of the On-Device solutions, Magazine Luiza were required to look at a longer attribution period in order to see magnificent results. DT’s team suggested evaluating the users acquired through on-device solutions with a longer attribution window than on traditional UA channels because it allows advertisers to attribute all their installs per campaign and understand true performance.

Driving over 10M yearly dynamic installs in LATAM, and reaching their goals with DT’s On-Device solutions, Magazine Luiza quickly hit their ROAS goals, their main KPI, and even exceeded its value after a longer time frame. In the last month of the year, Magazine Luiza reached their D30 ROAS goal, and achieved 2X D60 ROAS and 3.2X D90 ROAS compared to their D30 ROAS goal.

The Results

  • 2.2X increase between D30 ROAS and D60 ROAS
  • 16% Conversion Rate in 2022
  • +10 million dynamic installs over 2022

“Thanks to DT’s On-Device solutions we were able to acquire new quality users, hit ROAS goals, and achieve 2.2X avg. D60 ROAS compared to avg. D30 ROAS”

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