Poptacular Finds an 18% ARPDEU Increase With the Addition of Google Bidding Demand


Poptacular is the creator of (award winning/wildly popular) pocket games available for sale on Amazon. The team translated their games into mobile experience to make their games even more “pocketable” and have taken the picture based trivia world by storm in both digital and physical formats.

  • Established in 2013
  • 20M+ Downloads
  • 200K+ MAU
  • 50+ games available both digitally and physically


Without the up front cost to players enjoying the physical cards, Poptacular sought to build a strong yet low maintenance advertising strategy with DT FairBid. Embracing the benefits of bidding in their setup with FairBid, Poptacular wanted additional bidding demand that could provide strong fill rates and added diversity for their players’ advertising experience. More advertiser competition, less time spent managing demand, and connecting relevant, high quality ads to their players is the ultimate goal for Poptacular and their selective partnership choices.


Already integrated with bidding demand supported by DT FairBid, Poptacular was excited to add Google bidding demand into the mix when closed beta support rolled out through DT FairBid. Within weeks, Poptacular completed the integration with reliable, trusted support by their DT team of sales, account manager, and solution engineers. The efficient coordination between DT, Google, and Poptacular made for an easy transition to full bidding demand from Google. Despite seeing a small decline in DAU during the seasonal transition from summer to fall, the addition of Google bidding demand and the strong bidding demand across their entire ad stack resulted in improved performance thanks to greater auction efficiency. 

The Results

  • +18% ARPDEU
  • +286% eCPM
  • +5% increase in opportunity fill rate
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