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DSP: How Unico Studio increased their conversion rate by 850% for Brain Test

  • GOAL

    Maintain high user retention and engagement while achieving scale.


    USA, UK, FR, GE, BR & MEX


    All Android Devices, Globally


    SingleTap DSP


Unico Studio, a Silicon Valley based casual and hyper casual game developer specializing in brain and puzzle games, was looking to significantly grow their user base while maintaining a low cost of user acquisition.

Unico Studio already had significant market share with their top titles, including Brain Test, Brain Test 2, World Pearls, Who Is?, and Word Voyage. Their Brain Test apps alone had been downloaded by over 300M users as of January 2021 and their apps rank in the top 100 in over 10 different countries.

The goal was to maintain high user retention and engagement while achieving scale.


Unico ran a campaign focused on Android devices utilizing our patented SingleTap technology, which allows users to download the game directly from any mobile placement with one tap – bypassing the Play Store – to significantly increase CVR & scale while decreasing the user cost.

The Results

SingleTap Drives Stellar Results

Thanks to the improved CVR, Unico was able to grow their daily new users by over 79%, and decrease their CPI by over 57%! While several ad formats were tested, 30 second portrait videos generated the highest engagement & retention rates while also driving high install volumes. After demonstrating success within the United States, Unico decided to increase the number of titles for the campaign and expanded into new markets such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Brazil and Mexico.

Thanks to SingleTap, Unico’s conversion rates jumped 8.5X – from 2% to 17%.

Unico Studio grew global user base
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