User Acquisition: Think Outside The Box

Oct 20, 2015
By: Marissa Camilli

Mobile user acquisition is dependent on many factors, but it’s important to understand three facets that are essential to thinking outside the box.

Quality over Quantity: This has become one of the most common misconceptions in mobile advertising today. Advertisers and developers strive to get millions of installs for their apps, but at what cost? However, if you focus on quality, it will likely lead to retention. Mobile advertisers should focus on getting high LTV users in order to ensure their customers will remain that way once they release more apps.

Focus on Loyalty: Loyalty is an extremely important facet of consumer experiences, and we’ve seen that translate to user acquisition. For some, user acquisition is defined by how many users you can draw to an app. Instead, UA campaigns should focus on creating and maintaining a loyal consumer and fan base. If you put your focus on the consumer instead of your revenue goals, they will notice. Understandably, this may not be the most desirable route to take, but it could set you up for success moving forward.

Preload your app: This idea is relatively new in the mobile space, but it is slowly picking up steam. If the goal is to grab the user’s attention immediately, then why not have your new apps preloaded on the hottest devices.  Not only will you attract a larger consumer base, but you will set yourself up for premium holiday revenue opportunities. You can find out more information about dynamic preloads here.

The most successful mobile user acquisition campaigns are ones that step outside the norm. Thinking outside the box is essential especially during the holiday season. It may not be comfortable, but your user acquisition strategy will pay dividends if you implement it correctly.

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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