BRAG Love Letters: Streaming Music

Feb 23, 2023
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

What’s love got to do with it? When it comes to leading apps, plenty! Our newest BRAG Brand Insights infographics celebrate the Brands mobile consumers love. Check them out! 

Our BRAG Love Letters blogs will focus on our emotional call-outs to some brands where love absolutely wasn’t blind.

Valentine’s Day is behind us, but the love for our favorite apps persist! The BRAG Brand Insights, released last week, surveyed consumers on the leading apps we use in leisure time – when we want to relax, connect, or be entertained. We ranked the leading apps for Brand Love, Brand Power, and a “Love Compass”, which measures the direction Brand Opinion is trending. Aside from the rankings, the BRAG Brand Insights also includes helpful tips for CMOs and UA Marketers! 

Last week we wrote love letters to apps in the most popular leisure time category: streaming video. But what do we do when we don’t have the time or energy to binge watch? Listen to some tunes! Our favorite music is a shout away for those with Alexa – a key reason that Amazon Music was our Brand Love and Brand Power leader. But other apps also were sweet music to our ears. Here’s some of the ones that stood out for having a strong mobile opportunity:


We all have memories of a great road trip: hitting the open road with people you love to destinations far and wide. But the essential part of ANY great road trip is kickin’ tunes! And that intimacy is why Sirius XM has the highest level of attachment among all consumers with a favorable opinion of the app. It also doesn’t hurt that the app constantly reminds users they are listening to Sirius XM. Maximizing your brand touches is a great way to create loyal and loving customers – particularly when they are a captive audience. 


The only brands that top Sirius when it comes to attachment are BandLab and BeatMaker Pro – with half of those with a favorable opinion also being attached to the app. Never heard of them? Well, that just means you probably aren’t a music producer. While these apps are loved by those who know about them, their overall awareness is super low when compared to category leaders. With a niche audience, marketers can lean into building a community among the users of that app, which helps build loyalty and can lead to organic growth. 


TouchTunes has low awareness, but for a different reason than the apps in the paragraph above – availability! The app is only used in proximity to digital jukeboxes like you may see in a local bar or restaurant. While awareness is limited, TouchTunes led our “Love Compass” rankings – a comparison of the number of people whose opinion of the app has become more favorable vs. less favorable. This indicates there is a ton of positive sentiment for those that can experience the app. And why not? Playing a jammin’ tune while out drinking your favorite libation with friends is a great way to fall in love (with an app)! TouchTunes can build mass appeal with more availability, something it is doing by launching a version of the product to work break rooms. 

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By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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