SingleTap™ Installs – Breaking Down the Barriers to App Engagement

May 21, 2019
By: Marissa Camilli

As app marketing goes, the SingleTap™ Install  app delivery solution from Digital Turbine has a pretty simple proposition. It enables smartphone users to instantly install an app to their Android device with a single tap. A SingleTap™ Install can be deployed from any mobile website, mobile ad campaign, SMS, email, or social media post, bypassing the noise of the app store environment, and dramatically increasing conversions.

Taking the Pain out of App Marketing with SingleTap™ Installs

Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that this simple and rather elegant solution actually solves multiple pain points for app developers and marketers. These include:

  • App Store Friction/Drop-off: It’s inevitable when you send people to an app store, you are creating the opportunity for them to change their mind about installing your app — and many do. When you consider that it could take as many as six taps to install an app via the Google Play Store, app store friction could reduce your installs by upwards of 75 percent.
  • Disjointed User Experience: Much of this drop-off is caused by the disjointed user experience of diverting people away from your brand experience to a third-party environment. When you link to a third-party app marketplace, you potentially risk the element of trust a user has invested in your brand and have to hope that this goodwill will survive in a completely different brand environment. Remember, while you might believe the Play Store is synonymous with app distribution, more than 50 percent of smartphone owners typically don’t download apps and are therefore not overly familiar with the app store environment.
  • Google Play Pushes Competitors’ Products: Even when you pay to optimize an app listing on the Play Store, Google will reference your competitors’ app listings on your page, creating an opportunity for rival apps to take business from directly under your nose.
  • Lack of Control over the Conversion Funnel: When you rely on an app store to deliver the vast majority of your installs, you have very little controlover your conversion funnel. You cannot optimize what you don’t control.  
  • No Ability to Split Test App Page Messaging and/or Creative: While app store listings can be optimized (at a cost of time and money), there is no way to split test your creatives to understand how the various elements of your messaging are enhancing or restricting installs. Even if you are satisfied with your results, you’ll never know if they could be better. Only split testing will help you determine this.
  • Hard to Track Referral Sources through Play: Any successful app launch will require support from multiple promotional channels. These typically might include paid advertising, content marketing, PR, and increasingly, the support of various social media influencers.Understanding where your engagement is coming from is a vital component of any optimized app marketing campaign and the key to your future success.Unfortunately, when a third-party marketplace is responsible for the vast majority of your app installs, it can be incredibly difficult to understand where your success is coming from, meaning your campaign spend will never be truly optimized.

How you can leverage SingleTap™ Installs

When you consider all of the pain points the SingleTap™ Install app delivery alleviates, you would expect to see significant gains in the success of your app marketing campaigns. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Ad Spend Optimization: App developers utilizing SingleTap™ in mobile ads can typically expect to see a conversion lift of 30 percent when compared to the traditional method of diverting links to a listing on the Play app store. A SingleTap™ Install only requires the user to say “yes” once and the job is done.
  • Web-to-App: Web may be your best channel to acquire users, but native apps drive 3x more revenue per user.  And when someone has your app installed on their device, they are constantly reminded of your brand’s presence and are less likely to fall into the arms of a competitor. SingleTap™ installs show a similar 30 percent conversion lift when deployed on your mobile website, to convert web users to app users.
  • Enhanced Consumer Marketing Channels: Savvy marketers take an omnichannel approach to user engagement. Fortunately, SingleTap™ Installs can be utilized in email, SMS, and social media campaigns as well. These are areas where split testing can be deployed to great effect. Advanced marketing automation technology across these channels can also be used to take the guesswork out of campaign targeting and delivery, greatly improving your opportunity to put the right message in front of the right person at the right time.
  • Cross Promotion: Developers with multiple apps are seeing a 25 percent lift in installs when creating cross-promotional campaigns across their portfolio with the SingleTap™ Install solution. It’s never been easier to say “If you like this, you’ll love this” and see significant results. Our gaming and media clients, in particular, have had a lot of success with this strategy.
  • Complete Visibility: Digital Turbine has partnered with leading attribution and analytics companies, including AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava, and Singular, providing insight into approximately 85 percent of the global apps market. You can read more about these partnerships here.

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Available Now on 150 Million Devices

The SingleTap™ Install solution is already available on 150 million Android devices around the globe, including nearly 50 percent of all Android devices in the United States. This is an incredible opportunity to increase your conversation rate (CVR), boost in-app purchases, and maximize the return-on-invest from your app marketing budget.

To learn more about how your next app marketing campaign could benefit from Digital Turbine’s SingleTap™ Installs solution, contact us here.

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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