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Your App: The Holiday Gift That Keeps on Giving Back

If you haven’t started thinking about the
holidays yet – consider this your first warning. Your air conditioning unit
might still be blowing out cold air on its maximum setting but that’s nothing
compared to the chills you’ll get if you miss out on the biggest app marketing
opportunity of the year. The holidays are coming.

The holidays aren’t just a great
opportunity to close Q4 with a bang. Get your app marketing strategy right over
the next few months and you’ll be reaping rewards long into 2020 and even beyond.

of New Devices

According to the research firm Gartner,
more than 408 million smartphones found their way into the hands of consumers
in the fourth quarter of 2018 — and it’s worth remembering that many analysts
considered 2018 to be a bad year for new device sales.

While many smartphone manufacturers (OEMs)
perhaps didn’t sell as many high-end devices as they would have liked, the
final quarter of year belonged to entry-level and mid-priced devices,
suggesting a lot of smartphones found their way into the world as gifts.

While the big brands jostled for market
dominance, with Samsung, Apple, and Huawei (owning a respective 18%, 17%, 15%
of the Q4 2018 market share), it’s clear there was one big winner in the battle
for hearts and minds in the smartphone ecosystem – the Android operating

With a 76% global share of the market,
targeting Android users should be the number one priority for any app developer
or marketer and the holidays present the perfect opportunity for them to make a
sizeable land grab.

Brand Loyalty Declines in Favor of Android Devices

Your Apps

Pre-loading your apps on specific devices
or networks presents the perfect opportunity to position them on devices at the
moment of maximum engagement – the unboxing.

By preloading your app it almost becomes an
integral part of, what for many users will be their most gratefully received
gift of the year. This creates the perception of trust — something that can be
incredibly hard-won in other routes to market. In a market where engagement is
often the only metric that really counts, trust is everything.

Note: The rigorous testing conducted by Digital Turbine and our partner
OEMs and mobile networks, guarantees that only the most reliable and secure apps
make their way onto devices.

It’s also worth remembering that more than
half of all smartphone owners will never download a single app from an app
marketplace like Google Play. With this in mind, pre-loading your app might be
your one and only opportunity to reach many millions of smartphone owners over
the lifetime of their device.

Distribution: Alternative Routes to Market for Android Developers


In any competitive app market, success is
always based on delivering the right app to the right person at the right time.
If your app works for a particular user, why would they even bother searching
for and downloading a competitive app?

This approach works well for many Digital
Turbine clients who rely on pre-loading to position their apps in front of a
receptive audience while they focus on providing the best quality experience
for their users.

For service-based apps (think news,
weather, music, food delivery, transport, eCommerce) where there might be very
little to differentiate between services, pre-loading might be your single most
compelling competitive advantage.

Turbine’s Secret Sauce: Reaching New Users at Scale

Your Entire App Portfolio with SingleTap
™ Installs

By combining your pre-loading strategy with
Digital Turbine’s SingleTap™
, a single pre-loaded app can create multiple opportunities to
drive engagement across your entire portfolio of apps.

SingleTap™ allows app developers to promote alternative apps via app
notifications and in-app banners, as well as links in emails, social media
posts, blog posts, and other online content while enabling users to download
the promoted app with a single tap. This creates a frictionless app install
experience and promotes greater engagement opportunities.

Game Developer Enjoys 7x Lift in Conversion Rates with SingleTap™ Installs

Holidays Wait For Nobody

While the holidays might seem a long way
off, pre-loaded app inventory is already being snapped-up across popular
devices and geographies. We are already anticipating limited availability on
popular Samsung devices including the recently released Galaxy Note 10.

However, successful app marketing is all
about targeting, and therefore may or may not always be about the latest
release devices. The app marketing team at Digital Turbine are experts at
matching the perfect device with the perfect app to ensure maximum exposure.
This includes access to highly specialized devices and platforms where again,
inventory is likely to be limited.

Turbine and Razer – Getting Serious About Gaming

Don’t wait for the holiday season to
kick-in before getting serious about your app marketing strategy. Speak to one
of our app marketing experts today to ensure you hit this festive season

Marissa Camilli

By Marissa Delisle

Marketing Specialist

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