Mobile Monday: Getting the “Max” Out of Streaming Video Apps

Apr 17, 2023
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

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The long discussed marriage of HBO Max and Discovery+ is finally here! And while many add a name when they get married, Warner Bros. Discovery ultimately decided to lop off the letters “HBO” and rename the service simply “Max”. 

We discussed the upcoming marriage of the two in our recent BRAG Brand Insights as well as our Streaming Video Love Letters Blog. At the time we compared Discovery+ to the average kid in class who just needed a popular kid to befriend them – that popular kid being HBO Max. And based on our consumer insights, that is still the best description we can give to the merger. These two, particularly Discovery+, will be much stronger as one whole than two parts. 


  1. Discovery+ needed an ownership boost:  Discovery+ does not have a brand awareness problem. Its ranking there is similar to other top streaming apps. Where it falls short is the comparative ownership. Only 15.6% of subscriber’s aware of Discovery+ actually own the app.

  1. HBO Max is well positioned for further growth: Meanwhile, HBO Max has a few things going for them. First, people are super attached to them thanks to popular titles like “Succession” and “Barry.” But also, their consumers are highly willing to recommend them to friends and family.
  1. They can “Max” the potential opportunity: It wasn’t that long ago that streaming apps were claiming there was enough dollars and subscribers for everyone. But the merging of two well-known options here may be simply the first consolidation in the space. By pairing content and removing “HBO” from the name, Max can cater to a larger audience and use the love consumers have for the existing HBO Max to grow their overall subscriber count at a higher price point. 

With a lot of buzz being generated of the upcoming announcement, Max will also look to capitalize on the re-branding through mobile advertising. Using on-device solutions, such as preloads, notifications, and more can help raise the appeal of the new brand name and protect their market share from churn. 

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By Ravi Pimplaskar
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