Mobile Monday: How Deep Is Your (Brand) Love

Feb 27, 2023
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

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What’s your relationship with your favorite app? While growth and awareness give us a quantitative measure of a brand, our recent BRAG Brand Insights strived to go deeper and give a qualitative measure as well. That’s why we asked consumers not only which apps they knew of and used, but also which ones they trusted, would recommend, and were attached to. 

We used these variables to develop a Brand Love ranking across five categories. And within these rankings, we also found some interesting stuff digging deeper into each individual variable! We’ve been exploring these in our BRAG Love Letters Blog Series which has focused on Streaming Video and Streaming Music

Here’s two variables you may not have thought about but can provide invaluable insight to CMOs and UA Marketers:

The Line Between Love and Like

When consumers were asked about their opinion of an app, the question went deeper and allowed them to declare their attachment to an app. By qualifying the depth of their favorable opinion, the ratio between those “attached” vs those who simply liked the app gives a level of “stickiness” to their customer loyalty. For those with lower ratios, marketers should think about tactics they can use to grow their brand relationships.

The Land of App-Ortunity

Brand leaders for both streaming video and music all have a consumer awareness that is over 50%. With high awareness, market share should never be taken for granted since consumers have the power to switch easily. Our comparisons of ownership/awareness gave us a glimpse of those apps that have done well in penetrating a competitive market. But the other side of the story shows which apps have a growth opportunity if they can do better at educating and incentivizing their market. 

Looking for more exclusive brand insights? Check out ALL our BRAG Brand Insight infographics and stay tuned for more of our BRAG Love Letters Blogs this week. 

By Ravi Pimplaskar
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