BRAG Love Letters: Shopping

Mar 02, 2023
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

What’s love got to do with it? When it comes to leading apps, plenty! Our newest BRAG Brand Insights infographics celebrate the Brands mobile consumers love. Check them out! 

Our BRAG Love Letters blogs will focus on our emotional call-outs to some brands where love absolutely wasn’t blind.

If you haven’t yet seen our BRAG Brand Insights, it reveals what customers think of the leading apps we use when we want to relax, connect, or be entertained. We ranked the apps for Brand Love, Brand Power, and a “Love Compass,” which measures the direction Brand Opinion is trending. Aside from the rankings, the BRAG Brand Insights also includes helpful tips for CMOs and UA Marketers! 

Depending on who you are, a mall shopping trip can feel like a necessary chore. Mobile has changed that. No longer is there a need to shop til you drop when you can buy whatever you want with a few types and taps – and never even leave the house. This has made mobile shopping one of our favorite leisure time activities. But which shopping apps do consumers really love? Here’s a few love letters to apps that we really “clicked” with:

Consumers love Amazon, as it leads our rankings for both Brand Love and Brand Power. But perhaps the most impressive statistic is that over 80% of consumers aware of Amazon have a favorable opinion. While nothing is ever certain these days, Amazon has loyal customers allowing it to focus its mobile advertising on building relationships and protecting market share. One of the few times it may be vulnerable to losing customers is when people buy a new phone, something they can combat similarly to Facebook: by being pre-installed on them.

Fetch ranks 2nd to Amazon in Brand Love. But while 86% of consumers are aware of Amazon, only 36% are aware of Fetch. The good news is that 69% of people aware of the app also own it (the 2nd highest ownership/awareness in the category to, you guessed it, Amazon). While Fetch is doing a great job of capturing users aware of the app, they can increase their market by incentivizing their loving customers to recommend the app! Fetch can further strengthen their viral growth by being ubiquitous on the device through set-up wizards, premium notifications, or other discovery methods.

SHEIN was a darling of previous BRAG Indexes, but our BRAG Brand Insights show a possible downward trend due to a low ranking in brand opinion trend and low app trust. That being said, the BRAG Index ranks performance against our consumer indicators, so SHEIN certainly has an opportunity to rehab its image and maintain strong growth. Through its use of celebrity influencers, SHEIN certainly has the attention of their target market. Using creative storytelling and positive brand associations through rewarded video and contextual ads can help keep them at the top of the BRAG Index (to be released in May).

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By Ravi Pimplaskar
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