Mobile Monday: What We Learned From the Apps You Love

Mar 27, 2023
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

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When does an app go from just being a fun time-killer on your phone to a must-have in your life? It’s not enough to rely on the number of downloads or the app’s brand awareness to tell us the whole story. It’s important to dig deeper and find out which apps people actually trust, recommend to others, and have an attachment to. 

In our recent BRAG Brand Insights, we measured these variables to find out which brands mobile users love. Our Love Letters blogs focused on five different categories and the apps whose growth (or decline) and what can be done to accelerate growth. Here is a roundup of the standout apps and some tactics UA marketers can use to help app performance:

Preloads Keep the Binge Going

It’s no doubt that Netflix is a super app. In fact, it’s the only app in the category where over half of the people with a favorable opinion say they both like the app and are attached to it. How can Netflix stay super? Preload can ensure that they are still a staple app even when a mobile user gets a new device. 

In-app Ads to Bring TouchTunes In-Office

TouchTunes may have low awareness, but it’s not for lack of love. The app tops our “Love Compass” rankings, with more people having a favorable opinion of it than not. While it’s mostly used for digital jukeboxes in bars, TouchTunes is launching a version for office break rooms. Utilizing in-app advertising, the app can increase both awareness and downloads by targeting office workers looking to show off their eclectic music tastes.

Make Fetch Happen with Set-up Wizards

Only 36% of consumers are aware of Fetch, compared to a whopping 86% for Amazon. Of those who know about Fetch, a high percentage (69%) also own the app. The app can boost its visibility through set-up wizards and premium notifications and make Fetch happen! 

Get ‘Em on Board with Rewards

Lyft trails behind Uber in almost every variable, but there is still some opportunity to grow. With low ownership among those aware of the app, Lyft must contend with Uber’s strong connection with its users. We all know what it means to “Uber” somewhere! To increase user loyalty, Lyft could launch in-app advertising campaigns centered around rewards such as loyalty points or other incentives.

Positivity on Twitter? It’s Possible!

Twitter’s brand opinion has decreased significantly, placing it just above Truth Social and TikTok. You can probably blame their new CEO for that. To improve its standing, a marketing campaign that features positive, contextual stories could help sway longtime users who have fallen off in recent months.

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By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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