How Publishers Maximize Their Revenue Monetization Performance This Holiday Season

Dec 11, 2023
By: Maria Ershova

The holiday season is not just a time for festive cheer – it’s also a golden opportunity for app publishers to finish the year strong and increase monetization revenue. Here are three powerful ad monetization boosters designed to help you make the most of this holiday season.

Harness the Power of Brand Advertising

As the holiday season approaches, brands like Pandora, HelloFresh, Coca-Cola, and United Airlines are gearing up for their peak performance, and so should your ad monetization strategy. This is the busiest time of the year for brands, translating to increased ad spend. 

With DT Exchange‘s diverse demand delivering performance ads and unique direct brand campaigns, our publishers have the exciting opportunity to turn this surge in brand activity into a rewarding and clean ad experience for your users.  This past November, DT Exchange brand deals drove a 15% increase to our publishers’ revenue globally, on average. 

For a strong start to the new year, make sure you are up-to-date on user consent management to see the increase of top-quality brand demand throughout 2024. Read more about the developer’s experience with choosing and integrating the CMP here

Ride the Holiday Wave of Mobile User Engagement

The festive season isn’t just about increased brand activity – it’s also a time when users are more engaged with their mobile devices. This recent Black Friday weekend advertisers spent 26% more on our Offer Wall than on regular days, driving up user engagement by 3X, having a direct impact on revenue. Based on last year’s performance, we expect this was just the start of a monetization boost on DT Offer Wall – with the peak of the Holiday Season still to come.

Leverage this engagement through Virtual Currency Sales within DT Offer Wall by strategically aligning your in-app events with holiday excitement and tapping into those increased offer bids by gaming and non-gaming advertisers. This creates a win-win-win scenario for all – users, publishers, and advertisers. 

Learn how to make your Virtual Currency Sales irresistible to users, ensuring they are not only engaged but also contributing to your Q4 revenue goals.

Quality Checks for Clean User Experiences

It’s also crucial to maintain a positive user experience alongside ad volume. For that, you might want to keep a close eye on the quality of ads coming through all connected demand sources.

The new Ad Experience dashboard, available to selected DT FairBid publishers in Closed Beta, is the exclusive gateway to review the real creatives displayed to the app users. This centralized dashboard offers access to real ads users see, connecting each ad to its source network and performance metrics and allowing them to watch over competitors. Paired with our Latency reports, publishers gain full transparency to monetization performance on every level, from real auction audit to creative, for a data-driven monetization and UA strategy

The holiday monetization wishlist comes down to a simple mix of making sure your demand is diverse and non-intrusive, aligned with your app’s content, and shown to the relevant users in a clean and user-friendly rendering environment. Happy Monetizing!

Embrace monetization-oriented strategies with DT throughout the year.

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By Maria Ershova
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