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The 7 Charts LATAM App Marketers Learned That Made Them UA Leaders

Samsung Buyers In LATAM Are Waiting For Your App!

Uber, TikTok and Pinterest used the EXCLUSIVE insights in this summary to be a LATAM leader. Download our report to find out why.

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Report Highlights Include:

  • Chart 1: Consumers rank preloads over other formats
  • Chart 2: Preloads on new devices target users that are 3X more likely to install
  • Chart 3: New Device Owners install 3X more apps per quarter
  • Chart 4: Preloads help advertisers target major life events
  • Chart 5: The LATAM Preload Opportunity is BIG and growing
  • Chart 6: Preloads are being used by top LATAM apps across ALL categories
  • Chart 7: Preloads combat traditional UA’s declining install rates over time
Tendencies of new phone owners
How frequently are mobile apps installed?
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