What’s In a Game? Something B.I.G.!

Feb 26, 2024
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

UPDATE: You can now download the BRAG Index IV here!

I don’t consider myself a “gamer.” Yet, Words With Friends is woven into my daily routine. From the moment I wake up to the last minutes before I sleep, and every spare moment in between, I’ll pick up my phone to play a few rounds. For a non-gamer, I sure do spend a lot of time playing games.

It seems I’m not alone in this paradox. According to GWI data, 7 out of 10 people, spanning various demographics like students, parents, food enthusiasts, and avid shoppers, engage in gaming activities. And I’m guessing many of them, like me, wouldn’t label themselves a “gamer.” The reality of mobile games is that their diverse genres (word, card, puzzle, action, and more) cater to every taste and preference imaginable. 

What does this mean for advertisers? Your target audience is undoubtedly within the gaming sphere, and Digital Turbine is poised to unveil precisely where. 

This week marks the launch of our BRAG Index IV – The B.I.G. (Brands In Game) Opportunity. This index delves deep into the psyche of gamers, unveiling their identities and brand affinities. Where do fashion and fitness enthusiasts converge in the gaming realm? What games do aficionados of Corona and Red Bull prefer? Are there discernible brand preferences between word and card gamers?

Our comprehensive exploration of Brands In Games offers invaluable insights for brand advertisers eyeing the mobile gaming landscape. Stay tuned for the unveiling this week, and seize the opportunity to tap into this dynamic market!

By Ravi Pimplaskar
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