Just landed – DT’s Offer Wall Multi Reward Offers

Apr 19, 2021
By: Daniel Gal

You asked, and we answered! We are excited to announce that Multi Reward offers are now available on our Offer Wall!


This new multi reward offer type helps publishers boost revenue quicker and bring the best in-game experience to their users. The feature also enables advertisers to gain better engagement and retention rates from the acquired users, who extend their interaction with the advertised product by completing multiple actions for more rewards along the way.


What makes Multi Reward offers so rewarding?


Multi Reward offers allow advertisers to create a more engaging experience for users, as opposed to the current single-action offers available on the Offer Wall. With Multi Reward, as users progress with the required actions (such as reaching a certain level or completing an in-app action), they earn incremental rewards in the journey to reach the final objective of the offer and receive the final reward.


Let’s use a simple example:

Single-action offers may require that the user installs an app and reaches level 15 to receive a reward. The user is only rewarded if the task was fully completed, so installing the app but failing to pass level 14 would result in no reward at all.

Multi Reward offers also reward users achieving milestones before completing the ultimate goal of the offer. For example, a small reward on level 5, another one on level 10 – and the final one on level 15.


ACP Edge sets you apart with self-serve management


Advertisers have complete control over the setup of Multi Reward Offers with our self-serve campaign management platform – ACP Edge, and they can define the total value of the offer (i.e. the bid), number of events and how that value is split between the different events.

Visit our developer docs for detailed guidelines on how to set up Multi Reward offers!


Our advanced analytics platform, DT Offer Wall Reports, now supports full-funnel reporting for Multi Reward Offers, giving advertisers full transparency into how many of the users that engaged with a Multi Reward Offer completed each event.


For publishers, supporting Multi Reward offers is completely seamless and will not require an SDK update.



Publishers’ monetization strategy is boosted


> Increase your ARPDAU by 16% and ARPDEU by 25% on average. Publishers receive incremental revenue from partial completions of offers that in the case of single-action offers did not lead to any payout.


Win-Win situation. Users will get rewarded for partial completion of offers, making more offers relevant to more users. This increases the Offer Wall engagement rate, improves the overall conversion rate and provides users with the opportunity to earn and spend more in-app currency earlier, as compared to single-action offers.


Better user experience = better retention. The increase in ‘easy offer’ availability through partial completion of difficult/longer offers diversifies the Offer Wall experience and gives users more opportunities to earn the exact amount of virtual currency needed to continue to make progress in your game.


Advertisers gain new avenues to ROAS  


> Increase reach.With a proven 2.5X increase in install rate of Multi-Reward, you can now expose more users to difficult tasks that they wouldn’t usually interact with.


Improve engagement and retention rate. Keep users engaged and motivated by creating attractive milestones that would lead users towards deep post-install events that deliver higher ROAS by 25% on average. As a result, users have more appetite to continue playing your game (compared to regular offers). In Lilith Games’ case, users that engaged with their Multi-Reward offers benefited from the the revamped Offer Wall experience helping Lilith achieve a 56% retention rate uplift.


Multi Reward offers can be previewed too. On our self-serve management platform, ACP Edge, you can set up and manage your campaigns directly. Use our preview feature to gain complete control and flexibility to tailor your offers. Once setup is complete, you can preview the offer using our offer preview to make sure it displays correctly and gives you an inside look into what the users will see.


Thinking user-first


With multiple rewards granted at different stages, users need to keep tabs. The new visible progress bar shows users how many stages are left and how many have been completed so far, and raises the likelihood a user will chase the next, higher-value offer.



This latest release aims to empower our clients, both publishers, and advertisers to earn an incremental revenue stream and make the most of their campaigns with DT Offer Wall. We’re delighted to bring Multi Rewards to our partners as an additional avenue to bring a better user experience to your gameplay.

By Daniel Gal
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