4 Reasons New Phones Matter for App Growth

Oct 16, 2023
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

The holidays are a time for gifts and upgrades. In the next few months, millions of people are expected to unwrap their new smartphones ready to explore endless possibilities. In fact, in Q4 2022 alone, a staggering 58.2 million Samsung smartphone units shipped, highlighting the incredible demand for mobile devices. For app publishers, this season offers a great opportunity to accelerate app growth. When someone upgrades their smartphone, they are also likely to download a slew of new apps shortly after. Here are four reasons why new phones in the market translate into major app growth.

1. Be There for a Fresh Start

It’s time to clean out the closet, or in this case, the home screen. Users have downloaded countless apps over time but with a new device in hand, there’s an inclination to start with a clean slate. Don’t be forgotten during this fresh start. Whether you are a new app or a familiar one to the user, preloads ensure that you will be there when they boot up their new device.

2. New Phone, New You

Out with the old, in with the new! Smartphones (with the help of apps) can be a portal to personalization. When someone purchases a new phone, they are not just upgrading their devices, they are looking to upgrade their experience. New phones ignite curiosity and discovery, making it the perfect time for users to explore and embrace your app.

3. Take Advantage of New Features

With every new mobile device, there come new features – improved cameras, better photo editing tools, enhanced sound, and more. Users are eager to test the capabilities of their new smartphone, and your app can be the platform for their experimentation. Showcase how your app maximizes the potential of these new features, and users will flock to you.

4. Word of Mouth

Getting a new phone is exciting! With lots of gatherings during the holiday season, people are bound to talk (or brag) about their latest gadgets. And when they talk about phones, they’ll likely talk about apps. This presents a golden opportunity for your app to ride the wave of viral buzz. Preloads allow you to be on the phone already so users can get to enjoying and recommending your app quicker. 

In a world where competition among app publishers is fierce, it’s essential to take advantage of the surge in mobile device sales. Be ready to welcome users with open arms as they unbox their new phones, and provide them with a seamless, exciting, and feature-rich experience. Being on devices already can set the stage for success and growth during a competitive holiday season.

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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